This Is What Our Favorite Vegetables and Fruits Looked Like in the Past

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying the fact that fruits and vegetables are a big part of the human world. Yet, did you know that they used to look pretty different?

Hands up if you have a whole load of fruit and vegetables in your kitchen right now? We’d hope so too, considering these nutrient-packed foods are some of the healthiest items you could add to your diet. There are oodles of different fruits and vegetables out there in the world, and they all differ in color, shape, size, and taste – which means you can mix and match however you please! It could be that you try to hide your mushrooms in your stroganoff because you’re just not a fan, or it could be that you create a rainbow fruit salad because you can’t get enough of the sweetness. The world of fruit and veg truly is your oyster.

Although you might think you’re up to date on your local produce and the foods you want to pack into your 5-a-day, did you know that our fruit and veg used to look pretty different? As society changes and the need for food increases, the shape and size of our fruit and vegetables have changed dramatically. In fact, some of these fruits and vegetables from the past are barely recognizable!

Carrots didn’t grow as fast

Most of us are used to heading to the grocery store and picking up a bunch of bright orange carrots. You know, like the ones Bugs Bunny used to eat! However, it seems as though these carrots have changed dramatically over the years.

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It’s been suggested that the first carrots made their way into the world during the 10th century, where they were grown within the Persian and Asian empires. Just like the wild carrots that can be found today, these original carrots were long and thin, and often white in color. We have the domestication of carrots to thank (or not) for the thicker, orange carrots we know and love today.