Macaulay Culkin Opens Up About His Times At Neverland Ranch

Macaulay Culkin had it all: fame, fortune and undeniable cuteness. But the fairytale life we thought he led was sometimes a nightmare and he continues to bear the scars today. Here is the true story that most people don’t get to know about the infamous child star behind ‘Home Alone’.

Close bonds

When he was at the height of his fame, Macaulay got into celebrity circles at a very young age. It was all enticing to him, as he was naturally a curious person who loved the company of others. Among the celebrities he met was Michael Jackson, whom he befriended. Drama arose when there were sexual abuse allegations against MJ in 2005. It was even weirder when Macaulay openly said he slept at his place many times, even sleeping in the same bed.

Indecent conduct

Because the allegations were gaining steam, it was logical for the FBI to send agents to Jackson’s residence, the Neverland Ranch. There were serious accusations of MJ having child pornography on him. The agents found precisely that along with naked pictures of adults and even some animal torture videos. A boy also came out saying that MJ abused him back in 1993. Macaulay was close to him as well. This was shocking to the public mostly because they feared Culkin would never betray his “friend.”

Not a situation you would want to be in

When the first indication of child abuse arose, Michael was forced to solve the matter out of court with the anonymous boy’s parents. He allegedly paid $23 million to them in an effort to resolve everything and prevent them from talking. However, Macaulay repeated time and time again that his friend never made him feel uncomfortable or in danger and they weren’t close in that way. They mainly played video games and laughed. MJ was ultimately cleared of all charges, until new evidence showed up.

The birth of a star

Macaulay was born on August 26, 1980 to a family that always had a knack for acting. His dad, Kit, had stints on Broadway and his aunt, Bonnie Bedelia, had her fair share of big screen appearances. Not only was Macaulay naturally talented, but he also learned how to entice an audience and make them pay attention. Not everyone can accomplish this, but Macaulay managed to showcase his skill in the best possible way. While just four years old, he got his first role and simply amazed everyone with his uncanny feel for the stage. But no one ever knew what was really happening backstage…

Moving on

After his first role, Macaulay was cast in a number of different theater productions. What immediately caught everyone’s eye was this boy’s natural curiosity — he faced the challenges of acting in both comedies and tragedies as well as long and short pieces. Nothing could stop this versatile young boy. After his theater stint, he appeared in hit drama The Equalizer and The Midnight Hour. His big break came in 1989 when he appeared in hit comedy film Uncle Buck. Not everything was going smoothly, however.

Family businesses

Kit Culkin was a former actor himself and had plenty of experience when it came to show business. He wanted his son to be the best he could be, so he made him memorize complex monologues and do excruciating vocal exercises. Not only did Kit support Macaulay, but he was also his manager. Since Macaulay was still young, he couldn’t handle his finances or really take care of himself. Although it was a tough life for a kid, Macaulay definitely saw his hard work paying off, but he didn’t see what was coming next…

A big boom

That hard work soon turned into the lead role in the now-legendary Christmas movie, Home Alone. This 1990 film was not only perfect for him, but the role was designed particularly for Macaulay. The writer John Hughes also had his imprint on Uncle Buck, so he knew all of Macaulay’s talents and how to showcase them in the best way possible. That collaboration did not only work, but it also turned Macaulay into a true superstar of the movie world, blowing away every movie from that year. It was a sight to behold, as the young man conquered Hollywood.

Immense success

Macaulay found himself at the center of the world. Because of him, a movie with an $18 million budget managed to gross a whopping $477 million at the box office. Home Alone wasn’t only a temporary success either. It’s still being replayed to this date, especially during the holiday season. Due to this insane success, Macaulay got the role of Thomas in My Girl, making him the first child actor to get paid $1 million for a single role. What ensued next was Home Alone 2, which made Macaulay an even bigger star. However, there was a bit of turmoil to come in this young man’s life…

Not all sunshine and rainbows

As his career blossomed on screen, things were not going all that well in his private life. Most of the time, his parents were arguing and Macaulay was getting really tired from the constant work his dad made him do. Despite his talent, he was still just a kid and needed some rest. His parents were nearing a divorce, and Macaulay tried to make it through this difficult period by focusing on acting more than ever. The poor kid took just about any role he was offered as he tried to escape from the hell he was living through at home.

Incessant work ethic

Due to the personal problems he was experiencing, he thought even more work and roles would help him feel better. His next gig was to be the voice of Nick McClary in the hit cartoon Wish Kid in 1991. That character was also molded to make his acting capabilities come to light. Although the show only lasted 13 episodes, it received rave reviews centered around Macaulay’s voice acting. As his fame was increasing, Macaulay only wanted to live a normal life. Things were getting even harder …


After some time, every person on the planet knew about Macaulay’s prowess in comedies and children’s movies. He had already conquered that world, and it was time to attack the more serious facets of the movie industry. His acting endeavors got a bit more serious when he appeared in 1993 drama The Good Son. In comparison to his previous roles, this one was significantly scarier and darker. The movie fared very well, racking up $50 million at the box office.

Along with the music

What many people forget about Macaulay is that he wasn’t just another juvenile movie star. He was also a masterful ballet dancer, attending The School of American Ballet. He enrolled there in 1993 and managed to excel in every class and rehearsal. The 13-year-old boy was just hitting his prime and there was absolutely no way he could fail. At the zenith of his ballet career, Macaulay starred in The Nutcracker, a film adaptation of the famous ballet. At that point, he was becoming huge, but was he happy?

Changes in no time

What 1993 indicated was that Macaulay was about to have an even busier 1994. All the offers he had were starting to become too much, and there was a lot of movie, television and theater work to choose from. That year, he was immersed in filming The Pagemaster, Getting Even with Dad and Richie Rich — all three came out at the same time. It wasn’t a happy period for Culkin, as all three movies flopped spectacularly, marking a lackluster year for the ambitious young actor.

Even slipperier

Even though the year was lackluster, Macaulay worked more than ever and things were taking a toll on him. What didn’t help in the process was that his parents were getting a divorce and fighting for custody. His mom, Patricia, accused Kit of being a drunk and violent man who was unfit to be anywhere near their children. He lost, which also led him to push Macaulay even harder — something that took a toll on the boy. They drifted apart quickly, and at the age of 14, Macaulay retired from acting.

A much-needed break

It may sound weird that an actor had to retire at the age of 14, but Macaulay was in fact working much harder than most of his older colleagues. His entire year was filled with rehearsals, meetings, appearances and other obligation to the point where he couldn’t even take a five-minute break. This all resulted in questionable role choices, which aided his downfall. Only later would he return to the scene, but not without any drama before that.

Becoming a man

Even though he decided to take a break from conventional acting, Macaulay was still open to reaping the benefits of his fame. With more free time, the young actor could explore everything he was interested in. Among these things were the early-life experiences he missed out on because he was too busy as a child. At that time, he married Rachel Miner at the tender age of 18. The marriage only lasted four years before ending in 2002.

Not looking good

After he grew up some more, Macaulay was easy to try all the things that seemed appealing to him. As there was enough money in his bank account, he could afford anything that was dear to him. Some of these things were downright stupid and illegal. In 2004, he got apprehended for illegal possession of Xanax, Klonopin and marijuana all at once. Nobody expected the once-cute little kid from Home Alone to turn into a drug user who makes erratic decisions and refuses to live a normal life. Was this the worst he could do?

Risking it all

Macaulay didn’t really hold himself back at this time and had simply given up on trying to live a normal life. When he was arrested, he spent a few days in jail but ended up being freed on $4,000 bail soon after. What came afterward wasn’t at all pleasant — he got slapped with a big fine and a suspended sentence. In between 2004 and 2005, Macaulay was also trying to get back into the acting business more than ever. It was a plan he had been working on.

Back in more ways than one

2000 was a big year for Macaulay, as he finally decided to return to his beloved profession. It wasn’t just a return to the movie world — it was an all-around assault on the world of arts. He acted in several shows around the world and made an appearance on Will and Grace in 2003. That year was very significant too, as he made an appearance in Party Monster. Despite the movie’s failure, this was a sign of things improving again for the troubled young actor. It still wasn’t an ideal outcome, though.

People talking

Macaulay was indeed caught with a large amount of drugs. He always claimed they weren’t for him and that he was merely bringing them to a friend who was going to a party. Nobody bought this story, but Macaulay seemed even less believable when this photo of him came out. He looked severely tired and thin as if he had been using heroin for a prolonged period of time. It was in 2012 and Culkin denied every single allegation. Some have speculated that he got addicted after a breakup. Speaking of women…

Love is in the air

Macaulay was once again in the circles he used to hang out in back in his heyday. This meant new opportunities for him to meet people. One person he met was Mila Kunis. She was famous in her own right and the two immediately clicked and fell in love. Even though they were very different, the two were seemingly made for each other, as they both had the same sense of humor and evidently saw eye to eye. They met in 2002 and remained together for quite some time.

Roses are blossoming

Mila simply understood what Macaulay had been through and he was ecstatic to finally find the love and support he knew he deserved. There were some tough times mostly because of the distance between them. They weren’t together most of the time, with Macaulay being in New York and Mila having to be in California for work. Despite the strength of their bond, the two eventually called it quits in 2011. They’re still friends to this day, much to the disbelief of others.

He and MJ were inseparable

Macaulay obviously saw something in Michael Jackson. Maybe it was because MJ always claimed that he was a child at heart despite the fact that he had already cracked 50. They were so close that MJ chose Macaulay to be the godfather to his daughter Paris. Macaulay was also a defense witness at his trial, coming to his defense when sexual abuse allegations were making all the headlines. 2009 was probably a hard period for Macaulay as he mourned the death of his best friend.

Always by his side

One person who was important in Macaulay’s life was his beloved mother. Even though he hit superstardom, she insisted that he stay grounded. Despite all the money they had, Patricia still kept her job as a telephone operator and lived in the small apartment they always had. While the divorce from Kit really hit her hard, she was able to recover and marry a man she knew from high school in 2011. It was the big break she deserved. Her kids were proud of her achieving happiness once again.

Brotherly love

We already mentioned that both Macaulay’s dad and aunt were prominent actors on both the big screen and stage, but his brother Kieran also caught the acting bug. You may even know him from Home Alone in the role of Macaulay’s cousin, Fuller McCallister. He wasn’t just a fluke actor, as he managed to hold his own in the industry over a long period of time. Like his brother, he also complained about Kit pushing them to work too hard.

Back on the horse

It was all over. The difficult childhood he had endured was done with and there was no longer anything to worry about. After he regained his mental clarity, Macaulay did indeed try to return to acting in the early 2000s. On top of the disaster that was Party Monster, he had a redemption role in Saved! in 2004. Macaulay’s composure and creativity despite a smaller budget impressed critics. Could this move have been just what Macaulay was counting on?

Always different

Nowadays, Culkin attributes much of his early success to always being weird and different from others. Despite picking up acting again, Macaulay wasn’t surrounded by nearly as much hype as he was exposed to in the 1990s. Because of that, he enjoyed himself while appearing in indie films such as Sex and Breakfast in 2007. One of his more recent works, The Wrong Ferrari, finds him starring as himself. The weird part? The entire movie was shot on an iPhone in 2011. Yeesh.

A little bit of time on the small screen

The returning actor didn’t just want to focus on appearing in as many movies as possible. He wanted a piece of the TV pie and started his onslaught by appearing on Will and Grace in 2003. What followed was an unexpected hit TV movie in Foster Hall. He then moved on to Kings in 2009, but the most time he ever spent on a project was on hit show Robot Chicken (five years). It was a fitting gig for a talented man.

Friends forever

Out of all the people in the world, Macaulay was always the closest with Adam Green and Toby Goodshank. At one point, the friends shared a big penthouse in New York together, always brainstorming and creating something. They played music, made paintings and just about anything they could think of. The projects were going so well that they decided to form Three Men and a Baby or 3MB. This peculiar collective took the indie art world by storm, catching everyone off guard.

The pain doesn’t stop

Macaulay had been through too much for a mere child. From a rocky relationship with his father and the immense amount of strain he experienced due to the arrests, he was finally at peace. Unfortunately, this peace didn’t last very long, as there was a terrible tragedy that happened to him in 2008. His 29-year-old sister was struck by a car, and he was stricken by confusion and pain. They were very close — she was the oldest of Kit Culkin’s seven children.

Well connected

As we’ve said, Culkin spent a lot of time with different celebrities. Since he was a child wonder, there was a ton of hype around him. During that peak hype period, young Macaulay befriended then-youngster Natalie Portman. They frequently hang out together, with the most notable instance being Macaulay attending Natalie’s 2012 wedding to Benjamin Millepied. She has always described him as an incredibly smart and caring guy.

Can we have a slice?

Ever since he realized that he was held back by the conventional standards of his profession, Macaulay found a new love in making indie art. He was at the height of his popularity back in the 1990s, with a resurgence coming almost 20 years later. However, neither of those things brought him back into the spotlight. In 2013, he uploaded a video of him eating pizza. This peculiar and unexplainable video went viral and reminded the world of the brilliant jokester and artist that is Macaulay.

Going deeper

It turns out that the hilarious pizza video wasn’t just a fluke — it was a teaser for Macaulay’s next project, the Pizza Underground. It was an idea made by him and his friends. Basically, they wanted to form a band and call it the Pizza Underground just so they could cover The Velvet Underground’s songs and replace all the lyrics with the word ‘pizza.’ They had their first gig in Brooklyn, and everybody had an excellent time at the well-prepared gig. However, this was only the beginning…

Not for everyone

It turns out that the gig in Brooklyn was the beginning of their first tour, which would take them to many places all over the world. They amassed a core fanbase early on and people loved their parody music — especially as a means of escaping from the hardships of everyday life. A hilarious incident took place in 2014 when they were booed by fans in Nottingham, England. The booing was so severe that Macaulay fled the stage in the middle of his kazoo solo. Talk about Brits being tough!

Short-lived fame

This project didn’t get him much more recognition and the band broke up soon after their first tour. Why? Well, Macaulay stated that it didn’t have anything to do with them getting booed at some of their shows. It was merely because everyone had other obligations. However, the group’s short life was nothing short of amazing — everyone loved the pizza image they had. In fact, they went so far as handing out boxes of pizza during their gigs.

Not done yet

Macaulay was always a man of art, never hesitating to create and entice audiences of all types. With his background in theater and movie acting, we have a hunch that his venture into the music world was nothing short of easy. Of course, it wouldn’t be Culkin if he weren’t so full of surprises. This time, he decided that it was time to publish an autobiography. Unconventional like all his works, this book gave us a unique glimpse into his early life.

Never-fading stardom

Despite his days of captivating audiences with his cuteness being over, Macaulay is still a big star and there isn’t a person who doesn’t recognize him. Companies have made use of this fact, paying him to star in their commercials. He did advertising for Compare the Market in a hilarious CGI-filled commercial as well as Sprite and Aviva Insurance. This was the best possible way for him to maintain his goofiness, and he made perfect use of it.

Love is always tricky

Thanks to an interesting lifestyle, Macaulay never lacked female company. He shared an apartment with Mila Kunis for nine years, and it was an incredible and life-changing experience for the former child star. After recovering a bit, Macaulay got together with Jordan Lane Price, an actress who appeared on All My Children. She also had “trips” to the music and modeling worlds, just like her versatile boyfriend. Now it’s completely obvious as to why have these two saw eye to eye.

A need for change

Macaulay has always loved the Big Apple. Every big movie of his was shot in the most diverse city in the world, but it was getting to be too much from him. Ever since the year 2013, he has been spending much of his time in Paris. He has stated multiple times that he loves the culture and atmosphere there, resulting in an amazing experience for the actor who had spent all his childhood working. He sometimes goes back to NYC but generally considers himself retired as an actor.

A time for himself

In an interview with Larry King in 2004, Macaulay admitted that lack of privacy was a major reason why he abandoned the movie industry. He was always chased by reporters, paparazzi and fans. This all left him with not enough privacy and time for himself. Not everyone is affected by sudden fame in the same way and some people are just more reclusive than others — that’s all. With his confessions, Macaulay opened up an important discussion about celebrity mental health.

Looking up to…

Even a talented artist like Macaulay has someone to thank for his success and a dose of much-needed inspiration. When he saw the 1987 movie Big, he was immediately infatuated by Tom Hanks’ performance on the big screen. It made his imagination run wild, especially the part where there’s an elevator leading straight to an apartment. Culkin stated that it’s that detail in particular that motivated him to work hard in the beginning.

Where he wanted to be

Although he didn’t reach where he is now how he wanted to, he is there, and that’s what’s important. He quit smoking cigarettes and started jogging recently, all while being an excellent role model to his 18-year-old goddaughter and MJ’s daughter, Paris. She looks up to him, and he often gives her advice. Known for being pleasant with fans and anyone wanting a picture, Macaulay is always a pleasure to see. We’re glad that he is feeling better and survived all those tragedies and that pressure.

Robbed Blind By His Relatives

Culkin the Home Alone star accused his parents of squandering his money and sought legal independence from them. He once used to be one of the highest paid Hollywood stars, but his parents divorced, used up his money and even fought over his trust fund. But he was not the only one…


Other Child Stars abused by relatives

Mischa Barton, the O.C actress, filed a lawsuit against her mother for stealing her money to buy a $7.8 million home and lying about how much she was making from the projects and kept the difference.


Amanda Bynes

Amanda is a Nickelodeon star who sued her parents for spending what she earned during her teen years. However, she, later on, withdrew her petition for legal emancipation.

American Film Market-Media 8 Breakfast

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn filed a lawsuit in 1998 against her father Wilbur Rimes and former co-manager Lyle Walker for spending over $7 million of her earnings.  Her father countersued her, and they later settled the case and reconciled.


Leighton Meester

The Gossip Girl actress claims that her mother after receiving a monthly allowance of $7,500 for her brother’s medical bill, still went ahead to use the money on cosmetic procedures and personal expenses. Her mother threatened to sue her for $3 million if she didn’t raise the monthly allowance to $10,000, but the judge ruled in Meester’s favor.


Gary Coleman

The diff’rent strokes star sued his former manager and father in 1989 for spending all his money. The court awarded him $1.3 million, which was just a fraction of what he deserved. He spent all the money on attorney fees and bad investments.


Anna Chickadee Cardwell

Anna claims that her mother Mama June took all the money she earned from appearing on their show TLC reality show. The show is now long-canceled.


Jackie Coogan

Jackie is among the first child stars who earned $4 million by 1938. His parents used up all his money, leading to the Coogan law which requires producers to put 15% of the child’s earning in a trust fund.

Jackie Coogan-1928-Long Live the King

Chris Warren

Chris was a Disney star in High School Musical whose parents used all his earning. The judge awarded him $330,000 after ascertaining that they had drained his trust fund account, but the parents never bothered.


Dominique Moceanu

Moceanu started her career at age 10 and later became a gold-winning medal gymnast earning more than $1 million. At age 17, she filed a lawsuit against her parents for misusing her money. She was given independence from them along with restraining orders.


Shirley Temple

Shirley was among the biggest stars in 1930, who realized that she only had $44,000 left of her earnings when she had garnered more than $3.2 million in her childhood acting career. Her mother squandered all her money leaving her with less than a tenth of her earnings.


Tianna Madison

Tianna, the American long jump gold-medalist claims that her parents often took money from her, abused and invited a pedophile to live in their house when she was a child.


Mimi Gibson

Mimi Gibson appeared in more than 35 films and over 100 TV shows, but her parents took her entire fortune until she had no enough money to pay for her college fees. She sponsored the California bill of 1999 stating that no money can be withdrawn from a minor’s trust fund until they turn 18.


Jena Malone

At the tender age of 14, alone the Hunger Games star sued her mother for mismanaging her money. Her mother had used more than $1 million, of her earnings, drained her college fund and used other money for her personal lavishness.


Corey Feldman

At age 15, Corey discovered that out more than $I million he had earned his father had only left him with $40,000. He sued for independence from his parents, but his father argued that Corey should pay him the remaining $40,000 for serving as his manager.


Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter fired his mother from being his manager in 2003 and sought independence from her. His mother used up more than $100,000 of his earnings. He also sued her for the return of his personal belonging like the Michael Jackson jacket.


Kobe Bryant

Kobe sued his mother after she signed a contract with an auction house to sell his high school and basketball memorabilia. She had received a $450,000 advance for her contract.


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Mike Sorrentino accused his father of launching a website and using his name without involving him. His father used all the income he earned from the site alone.


Billy Unger

Billy, a Disney star was robbed by his dad-cum-manager for spending his money to please his girlfriend. His father used $400, 000 and charged him a fee of 33% when the industry was charging between 10%-20%. He also took $1 million life insurance policy as the sole beneficiary.


Billy Joel

Joel sued his brother-in-law Frank Weber and also his manager for stealing most of his money. They later paid him $8 million, a small fraction of his actual fortune.


Macaulay Culkin emancipated from toxic parents

The incredibly talented young actor had amassed a fortune of $50 million before he even hit puberty. However, all his fame wasn’t enough to mask the fact that his parents were greedy and irresponsible. He filed for emancipation at the age of 16, due to the constant verbal abuse at the hands of his father, and the severe mismanagement of his earnings. Those problems scarred him for life, but we’re glad he’s better now.


Ariel Winter

Ariel became independent and emancipated at the age of 17, after many years of living with her older sister, who is her legal guardian. The Modern Family star has been the victim of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mentally unstable mother. Ariel is maturing more and more and is more than happy to express her gratitude to her sister, whom she calls her true mother. Sisterly love, guys.


Corey Feldman

Corey was one of the brightest stars of the 1980s. He starred in movies that are still loved today, such as The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys. However, one day, when he looked at his bank account, he discovered that he had just $40.000. Most of his earnings were squandered by his mentally abusive and addicted mother, who was once a Playboy model. He filed for emancipation at the age of 15.


Rose McGowan

Have you ever wondered what it is like to grow up in a cult? Rose McGowan sure knows, as she was raised by the Children of God, an international sect that has chapters in almost every country. Her parents were able to provide her with basic needs, such as food and shelter. After years of abuse and torture, she filed for emancipation at the age of 15. It takes a brave soul to make such a move and Rose sure is one.


Jena Malone

This amazing actress is known for her spectacular work ethic and amazing skills on the big screen. Most people were surprised to hear of her emancipation, but after a few interviews, the reason was crystal clear – mismanagement of funds. Apparently, her mom spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of her money on clothes and alcohol, as well as lending it out to irresponsible relatives.


Edward Furlong

Edward was always supposed to be a star, but you will respect him, even more, when you hear about all the stuff he had to go through to accomplish what he did. His mom had an abusive relationship towards him, denying him of basic needs and often kicking him out of the house. He had enough of her antics, and he emancipated himself fully, refusing to let his money, life and well-being rest in other people’s hands.


Bijou Phillips

The troubled actress has seen all sorts of trouble in her life. Her mom was a no-show, and her dad was abusive and had a continuous affair with her step-sister. All that made the young Bijou run as far as she can and file for emancipation at the age of 14. She then went on to live on her own in New York and work on her modeling career. With such a troubled childhood, it’s no wonder she had all the problems she had in later life.


Drew Barrymore

Many people judge Drew Barrymore for supporting her mother financially after all the years of abuse and mistreatment. After hew dad disappeared, her mother squandered the earning of her child-star daughter and took her to parties. Drew was addicted to several kinds of drugs before the age of 13, having to enter rehab. It’s no wonder that the poor little girl had to file for emancipation at the age of 14.


Frances Bean Cobain

Being the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love can be more of a curse than a blessing. After Kurt committed suicide, Frances was left with Courtney, and after 17 years, she had enough. Devoid of a stable life due to her psychotic mother, she filed not only for emancipation but a restraining order as well. Frances was thus left with full control of her fund and her inheritance left by her late and great father.


Vanessa Minnillo

Her father worked in the Air Force, and thus had to move them frequently – often to different countries, and was thus unable to create any long term friendships until her parents’ divorce in 1983.


50 Cent

His mother died while he was still a young boy, and his father abandoned him soon after, forcing him to live with his grandmother. He had to get by selling cocaine and marijuana for a living.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, stopped speaking in 2001 after he publicly begged his daughter to seek help for her “serious mental problems.”


Marilyn Monroe

Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, lived most of her life with her mother, who incidentally married at the age of 15, and divorced not long after. She never knew her father, and she herself wedded at the age of sixteen.


Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler lived for ten years with Todd Rundgren, a man she believed was her father, until the lie was exposed. She later adopted her true father’s (Steve Tyler) name. However, she hasn’t spoken to her father for quite a number of years.


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and his father, Joe Jackson, were reportedly estranged at the time of the King of Pop’s death in 2009. During an interview, the singer recalled his father standing by with a belt in his hand while he and his father rehearsed. His mother was supposedly worried that Joe would beat the children to death.


Meg Ryan

Their feud reportedly started when Meg Ryan’s mother, Susan Jordan, was excluded from her daughter and Dennis Quaid’s 1991 wedding. Jordan later scolded her daughter in the press for having an affair with Russell Crowe. For years the two didn’t speak.


Brie Larson

The actress’ parents divorced when she was a little girl, after which she drifted apart from her dad. “When legally I didn’t have to have visitation with him anymore, I jumped on it,” she explained. “As a kid I tried to understand him and understand the situation. But he didn’t do himself any favors. I don’t think he ever really wanted to be a parent.”


Jack Nicholson

Having one of the saddest estrangements, he lived most of his life with the false belief that his ‘mother’ was his sister. He only found this out in 1974, 17 and 4 years after their respective deaths.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, whose parents broke up when she was 9, became estranged from her mother, when she dished about their relationship in her 1999 memoir “From Mother and Daughter to Friends.” Her mother wasn’t even invited to her wedding with Justin Theroux.


Kim Zolciak

This Atlanta Housewife recently opened up about her estrangement from her parents, stating. “They did horrible things to me throughout these years in Atlanta, and I just let it go because those are your parents and they can do no wrong.”


Selena Gomez

She fired her parents as managers after their constant criticism of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and they haven’t spoken since.


Lindsay Lohan

After he made comments about her reported drug use, LiLo distanced herself from father Michael Lohan, stating, “I am sorry that my father has continually chosen to speak publicly about our relationship, my mother, my siblings and my professional team find his public media bouts unnecessary and damaging.”


Nick Carter

As a child, Nick was the unfortunate witness of constant brawls between his mother, and father. In his teenage years, he began drinking and abusing prescription pain pills.

In 2012 his younger sister, Leslie, overdosed on prescription pills, and he was attributed as the major cause of the tragedy.


Drew Barrymore

After entering rehab at age 13, she famously became emancipated at 15 from her parents, John and Jaid Barrymore.


Eric Clapton

He cut himself out of the lives of his daughter and family after she posted pictures of the rock legend online. They were reported to have had a bitter quarrel and haven’t spoken since.


Kate Hudson

Hudson was born in 1979 to Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, but they split shortly after she was born and divorced in 1982. For years, Bill and former wife Goldie bickered publicly about Goldie’s claims that he abandoned her children.



This Grammy winner’s father, Mark Evans, walked out on her family when she was just 2. “I let her down badly, and I wish I could turn the clock back and do things differently,” he told Daily Mail in 2012.


Heather Graham

The blonde beauty has never made her feud with her parents Joan and Jim Graham a hidden agenda, who she claims never forgave her for her raunchy role as a porn star in 1997’s Boogie Nights because of their devout Catholic beliefs.


Ariel Winter

The Modern Family actor hasn’t spoken to her mother, Chrystal Workman, in three-and-a-half-years. Ariel was legally emancipated from her mother in 2015 after allegations of physical and emotional abuse.


Demi Lovato

The singer, who broke down on stage while singing Skyscraper in Chicago last year, mentioned in 2012 that, “Sometimes there are people in your life that you have to cut out.” Supposedly referring to her father.


Justin Bieber

In a recent interview with Billboards, the singer admits that his relationship with mother – Pattie Mallette – has become “pretty non-existent” since she lives all the way in Hawaii, but he still loves her all the same.