Woman Lost 420 Pounds And She Looks Like A Model Now

Amber Rachdi had struggled with her weight her entire life. She was overweight as a child and had become morbidly obese as a young woman. Her quality of life was affected by her weight. She was no longer independent and had to rely on others for simple things such as her personal hygiene. She felt confined to her home and unable to handle the stares that were inevitable whenever she left the house.
Her parents knew something had to be done to save their daughter’s life. They took her to the doctor, who confirmed that she was in danger. If she continued this way, she’d soon die as a result of her weight.

A lifelong struggle

Of course, to truly understand this woman and her struggles, we need to learn a little more about her. Amber Rachdi was raised in Troutdale, Oregon. She recalls having weight problems and struggling with poor eating habits driven by emotion dating back to when she was very young. By the time she was five, Amber had tipped the scale at an unhealthy 160 lbs (72.5 kg).

To put these numbers into context, the average five-year-old child should weigh about 39.5 lbs (17.9 kg). In other words, she weighed about four times more than she should have. The weight seemed to center itself around her lower body and legs. This made movement challenging for Amber, and she struggled with everyday tasks.

Morbid obesity

Amber’s weight gain continued unabated as she grew up, and she seemed to get bigger and bigger as the years went by. As she dealt with her emotions, she turned to food in an attempt to make herself feel better. This prompted a vicious cycle of eating, weight gain, and anxiety. By the time she was 24, Amber was morbidly obese.

She now weighed 657 lbs (298 kg), and there was no doubt about the fact that the extra weight she carried was having an impact on her quality of life. In fact, her mobility was affected to the point where she had to drop out of college. She was unemployed and had to move into her parents’ house with her boyfriend.

An existence, not a life

Amber’s weight was becoming more and more restrictive. The longer she dealt with her large limbs and her lack of mobility, the more it was taking her independence away. Her life was fading away behind the bars of a prison cell her weight had built, and she was struggling to stay optimistic and happy with her life.

She could no longer look after her own basic needs, such as bathing or showering, and she found it humiliating. Amber was aware of the whispers and stares that followed her everywhere she went. Unable to stand it, she became more and more reclusive as the years went by. She ventured out to the supermarket, but she had to use a mobility scooter to get around.

More food

Amber turned to food as her lifelong companion and source of comfort to deal with her sadness and her unhappy lifestyle. She relied more heavily on food than ever before to make herself feel better, and she hoped that eating her favorite foods would somehow change the way she felt about herself. It had become a dependency and an addiction that was ruling her life.

Her parents and boyfriend, Rowdy, would prepare her food for her every day, but their enabling behavior only made Amber’s eating worse. As time wore on, eating was no longer a physical need for Amber. Even when she felt so full of food, she would continue eating to calm herself down. When she was eating, she could escape her reality.

A wake-up call

Amber was sinking deeper into her own reality, where food ruled, and she could lock the real world out. She believed that food would change her existence into a more positive one, but instead of making her feel good, it made her feel lonely, depressed, and desperate. Amber’s parents became so concerned about her that they eventually decided to take her to the doctor to seek professional help.

Her mom, Patti, was worried about her daughter’s physical and emotional well-being, and she knew that something had to be done to change her daughter’s life for the better. Amber felt like a failure. The doctor’s prognosis was terrifying: Amber wouldn’t live past her 30th birthday if she didn’t do something right away.

A turning point

When Amber heard what the doctor had to say, she knew the writing was on the wall. The doctor was right: She was eating herself to death. If she was going to take action, she had to do so right away. Yet, after years and years of exhibiting the same unhealthy and dangerous behaviors, how was she going to lose weight and see that she could continue living her life?

Amber knew that she needed proper help, so she decided to sign up for the TLC TV show, My 600-lb Life. This series follows people who are morbidly obese as they address their challenges and aim to lose weight. She was worried that she was beyond help, but Amber and the whole world were in for a surprise.

Facing the truth

My 600-lb Life was just the opportunity Amber needed. Seeing where her eating had landed her made her realize that she was merely existing — not living. If she wanted some essence of a quality of life, Amber knew that she had to lose an extraordinary amount of weight. However, she also knew that there would be an obstacle to overcome first.

Amber would have to put herself out there for an extreme experience that would be the first step in her recovery. Knowing that she would die if she did nothing, she decided to act. Amber knew that the process wasn’t going to be easy, but with the doctor’s terrifying words in her ears, she knew that she had to push herself.

A major hurdle

In 2014, filming for My 600-lb Life started for Amber, and her journey began to take place after years of misery and weight gain. The show’s producers decided to send her to a consultation with their resident bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

He was based in Houston, Texas, and while he is known as one of the best in the business, that meant that Amber would have to travel to Texas from Oregon for the consultation. To the average person, it meant a simple flight that didn’t cause any concern. For Amber, however, it became a living nightmare that presented so many obstacles she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to do it. After all, she wasn’t the size of your average flyer.

A miserable life

Amber was still determined to see the doctor and shed off some weight because she knew that her life of eating copious amounts of food had to come to an end. By that time, when she was just 23 years old, her weight had reached 657 pounds, and simple activities like walking a few feet were not possible for the youngster any longer.

She was miserable due to the fact that she couldn’t bathe herself and had to rely on a scrub brush to clean her body. The only way out of her problems was to fly to Texas to see the doctor for a consultation. Her family had to find ways of getting her into the plane in the first place.

An eye-opening humiliation

Booking her flight to Houston presented Amber with her first problem. Due to her weight, she was forced to book two seats for herself on the plane. Once on the plane, navigating the aisle toward her seat was a problem, as her large body struggled to make it through the small space. Once seated, the humiliation sank in.

Yet, things were about to get much worse for her. Once she arrived at her destination, Amber’s wheelchair broke under her weight. In the end, she had to be wheeled out of the airport on an oversize luggage cart. People took photos, and Amber wished the earth would swallow her up, so she didn’t have to see the laughs and the judgemental looks on their faces.

First meeting with the doctor

Although she was both excited and nervous at the same time, there was no doubt about the fact that Amber’s first visit to Dr. Nowzaradan was difficult. Right away, the doctor was concerned, as the prognosis was not good. He turned his attention to Amber’s parents and boyfriend, calling them enablers who had played a role in getting Amber to where she was.

Especially as they had prepared and allowed Amber to eat so much food over the years. Amber confessed that she’d gained 200 lbs (91 kg) since she’d started dating Rowdy. Rowdy admitted that he felt guilty about that. He said he loved her regardless of her weight, but it had now gotten to a point where they could no longer be intimate.

More harsh truths

Amber told the doctor that she had felt like a failure her whole life because she just couldn’t seem to curb her addiction to food – and eating lots of it every single day. Feeling like that made further failures inevitable, and her weight was no exception. Her fear of failure was preventing her from even trying to do something about her weight, but that wasn’t all.

Her relationship with her parents also complicated the situation too. She didn’t like the fact that her mother seemed to find her pitiful, and she found the comments her father made about her weight hurtful. All of these factors stopped her from making meaningful changes, as food was the only solace of happiness in her life.

Necessary surgery

After speaking to Amber and looking over her history and her measurements, Dr. Nowzaradan informed Amber that she needed to undergo gastric bypass surgery. However, that answer wasn’t as simple as it sounded. In order to qualify for the surgery, Amber would need to lose 20 lbs (9 kg). The doctor was not convinced Amber was a viable candidate for the surgery, as there were so many factors stacked against her.

Yet, this was what Amber wanted, so she took great pains to convince him that it would be worth it. He asked her why he should believe her promises about losing weight, given her track record. Amber replied that she knew she had to do it if she was to become the self-sufficient person she knew she could be.

Reaching the first goal

In order to continue on her journey, Amber was also told that she would have to stay in Texas for a while so that Dr. Nowzaradan could keep an eye on her and help her make changes in her life. Because of this, her parents also decided to move there to support her. Amber knew that to qualify for the surgery, she would need to lose the weight.

So, she started cooking healthy meals like chicken and vegetables. On the first night, Rowdy ate junk food right in front of her. She didn’t succumb to temptation and stuck with her diet. After three months, she lost 17 lbs (8 kg). The doctor had hoped for more weight loss, but he still decided to perform the surgery.

Sticking to the program

With a newfound sense of confidence and motivation, Amber started managing her diet after seeing how bad the situation was. She was determined to get into the list of those under consideration for surgery because she knew that it would be a life-changing opportunity that could slip out of her fingers if she didn’t make changes.

She started cooking her own meals, and she stuck to these meals without snacking and without giving in to temptation to other delicious foods that her family was eating. She decided to take up some training by doing simple exercises and workouts to reduce some of her weight. Although it wasn’t easy as walking, she persisted and endured the pain that came with it.

Some good news

After putting her plan into action and sticking to her own motivation, Amber lost an amazing 17lbs over the course of three months since meeting Dr. Nowzaradan. She was still running short of the target that she was given, but he still accepted to schedule her for her surgery. He was skeptical of doing the surgery, taking into consideration her weight…

But he could see that the young girl in front of him really wanted to change. Amber was happy that she could take a major step towards her goal of reducing the weight, and she gave her permission to the surgeon to go ahead with the transformation. Even her parents agreed to the surgery, despite the risks that came with it.

Going under the knife

Just a short while later, it was finally time for Amber’s gastric bypass surgery. This surgery would allow the size of her stomach, which had enlarged due to overeating, to be drastically reduced. This would not only provide an instant aesthetic transformation, but it would also change the rest of her life.

That’s because it would help her eat less and lose the excess weight quickly, as the stomach was so much smaller than it had been in the past. The surgery was not without the risk of serious complications, though. Amber was prepared to take the chance because she knew it was her only opportunity for change and survival. This was not the Amber she wanted to be.

The surgery’s aftermath

Thankfully, Amber’s surgery was a roaring success. Dr. Nowzaradan had managed to perform the operation despite the risks involved, and Amber’s body had been able to survive the trauma of the surgery. However, this didn’t last. A few days later, Amber’s parents were forced to rush her back to the emergency room, as she was experiencing some serious chest pains.

There was a significant chance that she could have been having a heart attack, and this worried those closest to her. After checking her out, doctors were soon able to establish that the pains were the byproduct of an anxiety attack. Amber was feeling the pressure of her circumstances. However, she wasn’t ready to give up on her mission to lose weight.

Emotional help

Although the surgery allowed Amber to stay away from food to deal with her emotional issues, her struggles weren’t over, as she was still struggling with anxiety. If she wants her transformation to be as effective as possible, she knew that she had to get professional help to ensure that she could ease her mental trauma.

If she didn’t seek the advice of professionals, she knew that she would have gone back to her old ‘therapist’ – food. So, Amber started to exercise by walking. It was hard, and it hurt, but she stuck to it and never gave up. She started eating a balanced diet of home-cooked meals and healthy snacks. She resisted the urge to seek comfort in food and began to seek it elsewhere.

Sharing her story

Many people followed Amber throughout her journey on the show, but it seems as though this wasn’t just beneficial for those at home. Amber also found empowerment through sharing her story with others. Alongside the show itself, she participated in a Q&A session on Facebook, where she spoke candidly about her gastric bypass surgery.

She went to great lengths to explain that it was not a quick fix or permanent solution to her problems. Instead, she explained that it was the first step on a long journey that would require courage and focus to complete. Friends and family opened their hearts and expressed their support, which motivated Amber even more to achieve her goals. She knew she could do it.

Seven months in

Amber checked in with audiences seven months after her surgery, and those at home were eager to see how much weight she had lost and whether she had changed her eating habits for good. By this time, she had lost a whopping 92 lbs (42 kg), and the difference was obvious.

She was no longer retaining as much fluid in her legs, and this seriously improved her mobility, so she was now able to move around more freely and be more active within her everyday life. It also gave her the opportunity to start exercising in earnest. She was even regaining more of her independence, as she could now fit behind the steering wheel of a car. She was more determined than ever to keep on losing weight.

Time for the gym

As soon as she was able to stand for long periods without any pain, Amber joined the gym. Although this was a completely new environment for her, she used her newfound determination and motivation to push through her uncomfortability and move her body even more. The release of endorphins and serotonin that accompanied her daily workouts made her feel good.

She was more positive than ever before, but she also knew that she had to be careful and work within her capabilities. Trying to take things too far too quickly could result in an injury — or worse. As she worked out, Amber started to feel more comfortable in her own skin and didn’t feel the need to hide any longer.

The evidence becomes clear

Nine months after the surgery, Amber had lost an incredible 145 lbs (66 kg). By this point, her old clothes were hanging off her, and she knew that they weren’t doing her appearance or her confidence any favors. Because of this, she decided that it was time to buy some new clothes. To her surprise and delight, she had gone down quite a few dress sizes.

She was no longer a 6X, as she had gone down to a 2X. Amber could barely hide her excitement. She could see the product of her hard work, and she knew that her exercise and healthy food choices were paying off. She had wrestled control of her life away from her unhealthy eating habits once and for all.

Cutting the cord

Seeing Amber’s progress with their very eyes, her parents decided to return to Oregon and allow her daughter the freedom she had craved for so long. After all, she had made so many changes and already seemed like a new woman. While they headed home, Amber stayed in Texas with Rowdy.

They could see she was progressing well and didn’t need them to be on hand all the time, and they knew that Amber’s weight loss journey could continue without them there. She could go on dates with Rowdy. They could go to the zoo. Finally, she was doing everyday things like a regular person. The sense of liberation was incredible. It motivated Amber to work even harder to lose more weight.

12 months in

A year after the show, Amber returned to see Dr. Nowzaradan for a check-up and for him to see just how well she was progressing. Her visit was documented for the TV show, and viewers at home were eager to hear what he had to say. Was he impressed? Did he expect more from her?

During the check-up, he requested that she step onto the scale so that they could calculate how much weight she’d lost over the last 12 months. The scale showed that Amber now weighed 390 lbs (177 kg). That meant that she had shed a whopping 267 lbs (121 kg) over the course of her journey. To motivate her to continue with her weight loss, Dr. Nowzaradan challenged Amber again.

The second date ever

Amber had achieved an amazing weight-loss target over the course of her journey, and she was extremely proud of just how much weight she had lost. There was a time where Amber felt hopeless in her own skin, and she felt as though she couldn’t do anything with her life. After all, she couldn’t walk properly, she hated leaving the house, and she only really had Rowdy and her parents around to help her out.

However, this new lease of life and this new sense of achievement completely transformed her personality, and her relationship with Rowdy had grown stronger at the same time. They were finally able to go on dates again, and if Dr. Nowzaradan had another challenge for her, she wanted to complete it.

Another surgery

Dr. Nowzaradan made Amber a solemn promise: If she got down to a goal weight of 250 lbs (113 kg), he would arrange to operate on her to remove her excess skin. When larger people go through weight-loss surgery, they often find that the skin has been stretched so much because of the fact that once sat underneath it, that it cannot retract even when they get smaller.

This leaves a lot of excess skin on show, and this can be uncomfortable to carry around – not only physically, but also emotionally. It can serve as a constant reminder of what a past life was really like, which is why Amber decided to seize the opportunity that was being presented to her.

No quitter

All in all, Amber has lost 400 lbs (181 kg) since her gastric bypass surgery, which is an incredible feat for anyone to achieve over such a short amount of time. She had found the inner strength to take up a challenge and conquer it, and she managed to beat herself at her own game. The young woman had dug deep and found the courage within to fight and change her life…

And it had certainly worked in her favor. Her confidence had grown exponentially, and she was living life to the fullest. She was ready for new challenges, so she set her sights on finishing college and finding a job. She also started giving serious thought to settling down into marriage and having children.

Touching others

After achieving so much and making such impressive changes to her life, Amber knew that she wanted to help others who were perhaps going through a similar situation. Amber was determined to share her story in the hope that it would inspire anyone who was struggling to persevere within their own weight-loss journey. To do this, she used social media platforms to encourage people to love themselves enough to make changes to their lives for success.

A lot of love and support was offered to Amber by friends, family, and fans. Naturally, there were also some people who were negative. Amber gracefully took this in stride. She was not going to let anyone get her down — not even her own boyfriend.

Time to say goodbye

After a lot of soul-searching, Amber soon realized that she and Rowdy needed to part ways. Her journey had not only changed her in terms of her appearance, her goals, and her spirit, but it had also changed their relationship as well. When the deed was done, she updated her followers and noted that the split was amicable and that his support was something she’d always appreciate and remember over the course of her life.

He had been with her at every step, but it was time to move on. In June 2016, Amber shared a photo with followers showing her wearing an engagement ring. She said the ring was from someone new who she was pursuing a relationship with.

Taking the blame

Despite the fact that she had moved on, Amber remembered the memories that she shared with her former flame. After all, before her weight-loss, the only time that Amber could leave her home was when she went with Rowdy to the grocery store. Rowdy often claimed that he felt guilty for promoting her feeding habits.

But he also noted that he was in love with Amber and that he knew that feeding her and allowing her to eat unhealthy food was his way of showcasing this love. Amber explained that Rowdy preferred big women and found nothing wrong with her body weight. As a result of all that, she gained close to 200 pounds over the course of their relationship.

Enter Instagram

To showcase the fact that she had moved on from unhealthy habits and unhealthy people, Amber opened an Instagram account in order to share pictures of her successful metamorphosis. She hoped to inspire others, and she hoped to reach a huge number of people across the globe. She shared her pictures with inspirational quotes and snippets from her life, and fans quickly resonated with her words.

One of her best quotes has been, “I was REAL fat. Now I’m just normal-fat. Life ain’t bad.” Her ability to find humor in what has happened in her life means she can recognize how far she’s come. She wants to create a window of hope for those needing to make extreme changes, taking the process one step at a time.

Staying the course

Throughout her Instagram posts, Amber has also spoken out about the fact that she believes bad eating habits to be much like an addiction. They hang around in the background, always placing temptation in your way. It was no different for Amber when she was at her biggest, and when she just couldn’t stop eating.

The anxiety that had driven her to eat to the point where her life was in danger didn’t just go away overnight. She had to work hard with a therapist to manage and cope with the anxiety she experienced. She continues to use social media to share her story — often through humor — to keep others motivated. After all, if she can lose weight, why can’t others?

A remarkable transformation

Although Amber once believed that her life was at a standstill and that she couldn’t do anything to help herself, she soon took action and changed the course of her existence. It has now been a few years since My 600 Pound Life was filmed, and she has completely transformed every single inch of her life.

Although she can’t disclose her weight due to the contractual issues with TLC, she has previously had a conversation with a friend on Facebook, where she gave some hints. Within this conversation, she expressed her joy at losing even more weight to reach her target of 250 pounds. This was what Dr. Nowzaradan had challenged her to lose, which suggests that she has since had skin removal surgery.

The two Ambers

The Amber we saw at the beginning of her journey and the Amber we see today are almost like two different people. Her story and struggle were so compelling to viewers that many still follow her on social media to keep up with this remarkable woman who made such an extraordinary change in her life. Amber shares a lot of photos of herself nowadays…

And it seems as though she has grown to love her body for what it is and for what she has made it into. The confident young lady we see today poses for photos with ease, unlike the Amber who found herself at a crossroads in 2014. The old Amber was reclusive, but this Amber is the opposite.

Looking on the bright side

Now, Amber seeks the positive aspects of life today. All the negatives that she focused on in the past contrast greatly with her current outlook on life, and she couldn’t be happier with where her life has taken her – despite the fact that she has endured some serious struggles along the way. She feels freedom because she is no longer stuck in the house, unable to move around and look after herself.

She has found her voice, her confidence, and her independence. Her biggest source of support remains her loving family. They have encouraged and motivated her and been her No. 1 fans throughout the process, and she doesn’t know where she would be without them in her life.

Opinions on weight loss surgery

This young lady is living proof that gastric bypass surgery can be life-changing, and it can extend someone’s life by immeasurable amounts. Her story is an inspiration to others, and especially those who are considering weight-loss surgery themselves. Her thoughts on the surgery are interesting, as she wants people to remember that surgery alone will not guarantee long-term success.

Amber views gastric bypass surgery as a temporary fix that gives the obese person a short window of time to change their habits. If a person uses that time wisely and gets help to make lifestyle changes, only then will there be long-term benefits. If they go back to their old habits, the surgery will be completely useless and a huge waste of money.

Queen of confidence

Amber Rachdi’s secret to success is her confidence. She had none when she started the journey, not even believing in herself enough to hope for success and a change of life. Now, she has loads of confidence and has grown to love her body and all of the opportunities that her body allows her to have.

While it has taken her a long time to get to where she is, Amber has been able to experience these changes through every single step of the way. Because of this, she believes in celebrating ‘non-scale victories’ or NSVs. This is when she feels good about herself without relying on the scale to justify it, as there are so many things in life to be proud of.

A shoulder to lean on

Because she is in the public eye and has oodles of followers on her social media channels, Amber often hears from people who are facing a struggle similar to the one she was confronted with all those years ago. However, she has stated that she doesn’t have a know-it-all approach.

She knows she’s not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician, which is why she will only give out suggestions and facts about her own journey. All she can do is encourage the person to seek the help of a medical professional. Amber tells the person to track what they eat and report it to the person they consult, and she also tells the person to seek help with their weight loss from those closest to them.

Not for sale

Despite the fact that she has a huge following on social media, Amber does not act as a brand ambassador or ‘influencer’ for any weight loss products on social media or any other platforms. She refuses to. She believes that endorsing such products would be an irresponsible way to use her platform and her reach across the world, and she knows that most of the time, they do not work.

After all, she didn’t use such products and doesn’t want to be associated with the exaggerated results they promise. Her weight loss is the result of changing her eating habits and exercising. She doesn’t discourage people from trying them, but she won’t be drawn into encouraging them either, as she doesn’t want anything to do with them.


Amber’s belief is that no two people can travel the same path in life to undergo a transformation as drastic as her own. If it was that simple, then everyone would be the same, and there would be a one-size-fits-answer to everyone’s problems. Amber does not believe in offering advice to other people based on her own experiences, as she doesn’t believe that this would help their journey in any way.

This is because she knows she doesn’t understand the person’s background and context, and only knows a short snippet of their lives. Amber won’t make judgment calls like that. She encourages them to seek help and offers moral support through her conversations and her social media posts.

All around the world

Amber’s story has appealed to masses of people across the globe, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she has fans in every single corner of the world. Her story has given hope to many people far beyond the borders of the USA, and she is proud to have helped a group of Vietnamese students by participating in a teleconference call.

Her input helped the group that was studying weight gain and loss for a class, and she provided them with information and anecdotes from her own journey to complete their project. Amber struggled to make herself vulnerable for the TV show she appeared on, but she knows that continuing to put herself in these positions can educate others and further the field of study.


Her participation in the TV series My 600-lb Life garnered Amber quite a bit of fame, as it’s a hugely popular television show that is not only watched in the United States but also elsewhere. Because of this, she was recognized by those who watched the show while she was still at her biggest, or in the early stages of her weight loss.

These days, she finds that it doesn’t happen as often anymore. She credits dyeing her hair blond and losing a huge amount of weight with gaining more anonymity. Amber believes that being recognized everywhere you go is not as great as it sounds. She reports having found the experience quite unsettling, especially when a woman in a grocery store started yelling her name and running toward her.

Online haters

Amber’s online presence has opened her up to followers from all walks of life. Many of them wish her nothing but the very best and express admiration for her achievements, and Amber loves to receive messages and comments from those who have watched her journey over the years. However, there are often instances where those who interact with her are not very kind.

People don’t always understand when the person they’ve wished well doesn’t respond immediately. Amber understands this, but she stands her ground. She’s not going to let anyone walk all over her or rain on her parade. This girl is not going to let anyone get her down, because she’s come too far to look back now.

Going back to her roots

Amber knows that one of the reasons she was able to be successful in terms of her weight loss was because she changed her eating habits. This meant that she changed up her diet from unhealthy snacks and takeout to eating healthy, balanced, and home-cooked meals.

Throughout this journey, Amber has started to enjoy cooking and goes back to the recipes from her childhood every once in a while. In one of her posts, she shared a picture of a beef tagine she made, complete with carrots and turnips. This is one of her family’s favorite traditional dishes from Morocco. A lot of people were impressed by the photo and asked her to share the recipe, which Amber was more than happy to do.

Social media hit

We know that Amber is hugely prominent on social media, but on which channels can you find her? Amber is very present on both Facebook and Instagram. Almost 95,000 people follow her on Instagram, and she has nearly 57,000 followers on Facebook.

She uses Facebook to reach out to her fans, and she uses this platform to share posts about her life and the things she’s up to on a daily basis. Her rare brand of honesty and humor appeals to many people, and her Facebook page has also become a place where people who’ve had weight loss surgery can connect and support each other. Amber continues to motivate and inspire people over the world, and she loves it.

A remarkable transformation

Amber went on to change her way of living, but this didn’t come easy to her. Finding the motivation and being able to break the habit of eating such large portion sizes and specific foods was incredibly difficult for her. Nevertheless, she managed to change her mindset and really focus on eating a balanced diet and incorporating some activity into her everyday life.

After all, she was once unable to move a few meters without struggling to breathe and without having to deal with pain in her limbs. The fact that she can now head to the gym and complete exercises is a breath of fresh air for her. This exercise first started as a necessity, but it has now turned into a hobby she enjoys.

The biggest message

Amber has admitted that she doesn’t want to give advice to people about their weight-loss issues as she is not properly qualified to do that. However, that doesn’t mean that she wants to leave them in the dark. She wants people to understand that it’s never too late to change your life, lose weight, and adopt healthier habits.

She has noted that it doesn’t matter how much weight you have to lose or how long it’s going to take you because in the end, you will embrace every second and realize it was the best decision you ever made. She remarked that the most important thing is to stay dedicated and focused. Her last message stressed that you have to have a good approach to the weight-loss program.

Plans for the future

Since losing so much weight, Amber has admitted that she even surprised herself by how much she had lost and how well she had been able to handle the change of pace. She didn’t realize before that she was capable of achieving so much, and that she was allowed to feel successful.

What’s made the whole ordeal so worthwhile is the fact that she can now live a normal life. She can go shopping alone and buy healthy foods without feeling as though she’s making her life worse, and she is able to finally take control of her diet and what she puts into her body. Her next target is to continue with her college education and start working.

Interacting with the public

Although the main part of her weight-loss journey is over, Amber knows that she will continue to inspire others to change their own lives for as long as she can. Her fans continue to ask her questions about her surgery, so she responds through her Facebook page and answers any queries they may have underneath her amazing Instagram posts.

She recently responded that gastric bypass surgery is a complex solution to the weight-loss problems, however, it’s not a permanent one. It can only help people to launch the new habits that would assist them in losing weight. People have to find better options applicable to them to achieve their goals, just as she did when she made the incredible changes to her life.