These Prom Dresses Made Guests Truly Uncomfortable

Sure, there are many prom dresses and outfits that seem inventive and creative, but is that really the look you want to go for on what should be one of the best nights of your lives? These people decided to risk it anyway…

Her outfit is garbage

Something has to be said for these girls who go to the prom in homemade looks. Not only do they think outside of the box and wear something no-one’s ever seen before, but they also put in the effort of making them. That requires a huge amount of time, patience, and a whole load of creativity – which is something only some people have.


It can’t have been easy crafting this dress, which appears to use dozens of trash bags. By the time the outfit was finally complete, this student was probably ready to wear it and get the prom over and done with. We have to say that this outfit is garbage, but we have a feeling that this lady would be pretty proud of that compliment.

Taco Tuesday

Anyone fancy some tacos? It is Taco Tuesday, after all. It’s one thing to wear a dress made out of food and drink packets, but it’s another to actually look like something edible. Thankfully, this student’s prom outfit isn’t made from real tacos, but that doesn’t change how bizarre this is. The base of the dress is very reminiscent of Belle’s look from Beauty and the Beast.


However, the Disney princess gets lost once you see all those tacos lining the bottom of the outfit. Hopefully, she didn’t make anyone too hungry at the prom. Even if she does, there’s probably a Taco Bell just around the corner that’s ready and raring to quench their need for the delicious Mexican food.

My eyes are up here

Prom night is the one night where you get to dress up in your finest clothes and look your best. Of course, this means that your friends, family, and crushes see you in a whole different light. After all, most people don’t wear ball gowns to school on a regular basis, and we all know that different hairstyles can completely change the way that you look.


This guy obviously liked what he saw when he realized that his date was wearing something pretty swanky, and just couldn’t take his eyes off her. She probably would have appreciated him taking his eyes off her chest, though. Her eyes are up there, dude. It might be time to look up for a little while.

A dress that pops

What’s the first thing you do when you open a fragile parcel? If your answer isn’t pop all the bubblewrap, then you must be lying. It’s one of the best things about getting a delivery, but who knew that this material had another use? It seems when this student saw bubblewrap, she just grew inspired to use it for her prom dress.


Unconventional, yes, but we’d say she did a pretty good job. The duct tape might make it look tacky, but we’re still impressed by the overall look of the dress. What we’re even more impressed about is the fact that she was able to make this bubble wrap into a dress without popping all of the bubbles in the process.

An interesting pose

It’s always good to practice your poses before taking your official prom photos, but we do have a few questions about this one. We don’t know whether this couple chose their own pose or whether they were asked to lay on this furry rug, but it is a little strange. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see that this guy is actually sitting on his prom date and holding onto her hair like a pair of reins.


At least she seems happy about this interesting pose – even though he doesn’t look too impressed himself. He looks as though he’s being forced to look at the camera, and he doesn’t even look as though he wants to be there. Cheer up, dude.

Hot off the presses

It seems that ambition got the better of this student. While it was admirable that she wanted to make a dress out of newspapers, her look doesn’t quite have the wow factor that many prom organizers expect, but you can’t deny that she put some serious effort into making this dress a reality.


However, the bottom of the outfit needs to be smoothed out and shaped better for it to really stand out. Also, we’re not sure what’s going on with the random splashes of purple. Are they an intentional part of the design, or were they already drawn on the newspaper when she got it? Either way, there’s no doubt about the fact that this lady looks hot off the presses.

Lady Liberty

We’re not sure if it’s the color of her dress or the spikes adorning her shoulders, but this outfit is giving us a Statue of Liberty vibe. Of course, we’re sure that’s not what this student was going for here, especially as her dress has a mermaid fit. However, there are worse things to look like at your prom than the iconic New York landmark.


We imagine this outfit was the talking point at the dance. Considering it’s so eye-catching, we expect that’s what she wanted. We do have to question how well she could have danced on the night, though. Nobody would have been able to come close to her, but maybe that was the whole point? Social distancing at its finest.

You were warned

Who did it first – this girl or Lady Gaga? Anyone who’s watched the singer’s video for Telephone will remember that she was rocking the police tape look all the way back in 2010. Of course, her outfit was a little barer and only covered the essentials, whereas this girl has gone for more of a standard dress structure.


That’s not surprising, considering many high school proms have some serious rules in place when it comes to the dress code. Does this dress pass the fingertip test? It’s quite an impressive piece of work, and we only hope that the tape didn’t break apart during the night. That would’ve been a dancefloor disaster and would have definitely made it a night to remember.

Team Edward forever

There have been many film series that have captivated teen audiences over the years. One of the more recent ones is Twilight, which posed the eternal question to millions of adoring fans – Team Edward or Team Jacob? Evidently, this student aligns with the former category; otherwise, she wouldn’t have shown up to prom with his face on her dress.


This is quite a bold way to show her allegiance. She even has lights around Robert Pattinson’s face to ensure people know whose side she’s on. We really hope that there wasn’t another student at this prom who wore her Team Jacob dress because that could have resulted in a serious turf war. Nobody wants to see a fight on prom night.

Not too happy

Although prom is supposed to be a happy occasion, there’s no doubt about the fact that tensions can arise during this special night. Students may drink a little too much, they may get a bit too rowdy, and they might even get a little flirty with others who aren’t their boyfriend or girlfriend.


It seems as though this girl wasn’t too happy with her date on this particular evening, and the official photograph just happened to show how unhappy she really was. We hope their night got a little better after this because nobody wants to ruin prom. Let’s hope that he also didn’t leave the night with a shiner on his eye. That wouldn’t have looked good in the photograph.

Stealing the show

There’s something that’s caught our eye with these outfits, and it’s not the people wearing them. Instead, it’s the two chibi characters adorning the girl’s dress. We’re not sure who they’re supposed to be – they certainly don’t look much like the couple – but they’re stealing the show here. Their presence makes up for what’s going on up top, which has us a little confused.


Are those diamonds supposed to be stars? Are the yellow and orange parts meant to represent the sun? We have so many questions that need to be answered, so if anyone can point us in the direction of these two lovebirds, then we will love you forever. We just need to talk.

Feeling rejected

It’s always hard when you really want to go to prom with a certain someone, but you just don’t know whether they would accept your request or not. You try to drop a few hints every now and then to see if they’re interested, and you watch as other prospects gear themselves up to ask them. In the end, this boy made a move and asked out one of these girls.


Although he knew it was a long shot, he wasn’t expecting such a savage rejection. As you can see, he’s not too happy about it. He even bought the flower and everything. He got all dressed up for the occasion, but we bet he didn’t have a great night with all of that jealousy roaring insider of him.

Two separate looks

There’s so much happening with this dress, and we’re not sure what to think about it. Clearly, this girl was very confused when someone asked her what she wanted to look like for the prom. That’s how she landed an outfit that’s half pink, half zebra print, and all kinds of crazy.


The front seems to be a completely different look from the back, with the former looking more like a bra and gym shorts than a dress. This outfit has us so confused – but we understand the logic. After all, sometimes you want to embrace the party in the front and the sophistication in the back, and it’s fair to say that this dress offers it all.

I’ll be watching you

Prom night is always a tense time for parents. This is the night that their babies become true adults and go off on their own to enjoy a night of dancing and socializing – and it can be extremely tough on them. While they have to let them fly the nest at some point, it’s fair to say that some parents aren’t that willing to send their kids off without another pair of eyes watching them.


In this case, this girl’s dad would be peeping through the window, making sure she wasn’t up to any mischief. He probably could have put a shirt on when he realized that the camera was out, but it seems as though this detective didn’t have time for clothes.

Foiled again

There’s a lot that can be said for going to the prom in an unconventional outfit. People will be sure to notice you, and your dress will probably be the most creative one there. However, that’s only a good thing if what you’re wearing looks like it’s fashionable. Unfortunately for this student, that’s not quite the case.


While the dress looks well-made and fits her nicely, it also appears to be constructed out of foil. Did she not have anything else around the house? We dread to think what kind of noise she would have made every time she moved in this dress because nobody likes the sound of tin foil when you’re wrapping or unwrapping it. We bet her friends stayed away from her that night.

In this together

If you’re going to prom with a partner, it’s a good idea to try and coordinate your outfits. Even if that’s just matching the color of the guy’s tie with the girl’s dress, it’s a great way to show everyone that you’re there together and that you chose to go as a pair. Of course, these two may have gone a step too far with that.

They couldn’t pick on one color to share, so instead, they wore them all and created this homemade concoction that looks like it came out of the mouth of a unicorn. No-one at the prom will have missed these two, although that was probably the point. From the multi-colored skirt to the different colored buttons, these guys thought of everything.

Drink it up

People really will just take whatever they can get their hands on and turn it into a dress. Sometimes this can work in their favor, and sometimes it can be a little strange. We can’t quite decide which category this one falls into. As an avid drinker of Mountain Dew, this student obviously thought she could use that to her advantage by incorporating the beverage in her outfit.


It can’t have been easy getting all those labels to stick on her dress, so hopefully, she didn’t make herself sick of Mountain Dew in the process. That would certainly be unfortunate given she was now stuck wearing this to prom. We do have to appreciate the ring-pull details on the straps.

Money, money, money

When asked what their favorite board game is, a lot of people probably say Monopoly. It’s a great game to play if you’re strategic or just very lucky with your dice rolls, and it’s one of the most iconic board games out there, right? It’s caused many a family argument over the years, but clearly, this girl isn’t deterred by something like that.


She loves the game so much that she decided to turn the fake money into a dress for prom. We hope this outfit was worth taking all the cash out of the game. We have a feeling that her prom probably didn’t accept Monopoly money at the bar, though, so she may have run into a few problems.

The pride of the nation

There’s nothing like a busy outfit to make you the center of attention at prom. This girl has certainly got that covered with her patriotic dress. The former POTUS bag really brings this cityscape look together, making her the belle of the ball. Her partner hasn’t gone quite as far out of the box as her, but we can’t imagine many people will have shown up to the prom wearing that suit.


If individuality is what they were going for, they definitely come out on top. We can’t help but wonder what these outfits are made of, though. Is that duct tape? If so, they would have gotten extremely hot as the night progressed. We bet there was no Macarena for them that night.

Peacocks at the prom

A lot is going on with these dresses, and we’re not sure where to start. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the backs of their outfits, which we can only assume are supposed to be peacock tails. Much like the birds, their looks are very dazzling, but we’re not sure why they’ve paired these tails with mini top hats and corseted gloves.


These costumes certainly have us scratching our heads, though we’re still impressed. A lot of work must have gone into making them, so we have to give them credit for their crafting skills. They even made each dress a little different, meaning that they could choose whether they wanted a floor-length or knee-length dress. Which one would you choose?

Taped up

Who knew that duct tape could be used to make such convincing prom attire? People all over the nation use the material to make their own impressive frocks, and that results in creations like this. From a distance, you’d never believe that these looks were built entirely out of tape, but the proof is right there.


We’re not sure whether they’re actually comfortable to wear, but at least they look like a million bucks. Well, pain is pleasure when it comes to fashion. While we appreciate the work they put into these outfits, we can’t help but wonder what the giant scissors on the floor are for? Are they to cut them out of the outfits at the end of the night?

Not impressed

One of the best and worst things about prom is that you have to take photographs. It’s basically a crime to go to prom and not take photographs with your date, and it seems as though this guy is fully invested in this modeling opportunity. However, his date doesn’t seem too impressed with the fact that she has to smile on cue.


She just wants to make her way to the dance, and she just wants to get on with her evening. Say cheese! Or not, because this woman really isn’t in the mood for saying anything. Her face says it all, really, and his face shows that he’s pretty excited to be posing for the camera.

Rising from the flames

If the theme for this couple’s prom was something fantastical, then these two undoubtedly fit in. This girl’s mermaid tail flames and her partner’s intriguing cane certainly give off a very mystical vibe. Couple those with the intricate designs on their corset and waistcoat, and this is definitely no ordinary prom attire.


They look more like they’re going to a ball at Hogwarts rather than to a dance at their school, and they have put so many details into their overall outfit. Yes, just look at her matching purse and her matching necklace that all look homemade, and you’ll be able to appreciate the fact that these two put their all into their prom looks. We suppose it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, right?

Bright as the sun

Well, no-one can deny that these two are together. Like with most couples, they’ve coordinated their outfits, so everyone knows they came together. Unfortunately, they may have taken their chosen color scheme to the extreme. Yellow is already quite an interesting choice because it’s so striking.


Even a hint of it would have stood out at the prom, but these two wanted to go all out with the color. The only bits of their outfit that aren’t yellow are gray. What a strange combination, but we do have to give them credit for going all-out. Not many people will make the decision to wear yellow and gray, but these guys decided to go for it. That’s confidence right there.

All of the colors

We’re wondering which of these two was the brains behind this outfit idea. We can see one of them asking their partner how colorful they want to be, and just getting ‘Yes’ as a response. They appear to have thrown everything they have at these looks, which couldn’t scream subtle if they tried.


Her dress, in particular, is hard to ignore, given the color flows all the way to the floor. Maybe this is how she wanted to assert herself as the rightful prom queen. While the material does make us feel a little hot under the collar – because they’re definitely going to be sweating profusely at their prom – we do actually love these colors. The brighter, the better, right?

Wear it with pride

What better way to show your pride than to go to prom dressed like a rainbow? These two have taken their love of color to the next level by wearing a rainbow-striped dress and jacket. The girl here has even accessorized her look with earrings, shoes, and a clutch in the exact same design.


Her look is certainly more striking than her date’s, but with those striped pants and that colorful hat, the guy hardly disappears into the crowd. At least they look happy with their outfits – and at least they stand out. The students behind them blend in with their black dresses and their muted tones, but these guys are certainly at the top of their game. You’ve gotta love it.

Turn back time

We think these two are a few decades too late for their prom. His outfit is giving us Elvis vibes, particularly with the white suit and quiffed hair, while his partner is reminding us of Cher. These are two musical icons you won’t see at your school dance, so perhaps that’s what inspired these two to dress like them.


Maybe if they were the Elvis and Cher of their prom, people would give them the attention they felt they deserved. It’s just a thought. While their outfits wouldn’t suit everyone, you have to give these guys props for matching sunbeams coming out of their bodies. That takes some serious designing skills – even though the end result is a little strange.

Two birds with one stone

It’s quite a smart idea to wear the dress you’ve made as an art project for your prom. You get to use class time to craft it, then once it’s complete, you’re all set for the prom. Of course, if that’s your plan, you might want to make something that blends in a little more. We’re not sure what inspired this student to sew an outfit adorned with… are those monkeys?


Are they red-nosed reindeer? It’s certainly a strange choice and one that wouldn’t go unnoticed at the prom. We don’t know whether that attention would be a good or bad thing for the person wearing this, though. Some people might have some things to say about this strange ensemble.

One with nature

With the Earth seeming to struggle under the weight of global warming, it’s vital we do all we can to take care of the planet. These two obviously care a great deal about the environment, hence why their outfits look like they were plucked straight out of the dirt. The couple could lie in the flower bed behind them, and they’d blend right in!


We’re not sure whether they used any bark to craft their looks, but it certainly would have made them more authentic. Of course, we also have to appreciate the fact that they went all out with their camouflage. When they stand together, they just look like floating heads with a couple of arms and hands sticking out.

Under the weather

We love it when a couple opts for a themed outfit. It takes things up a notch from just wearing the same color. Plus, it makes their looks more of a talking point. Of course, usually, when people go for a theme, they’re typically a bit more subtle than these two. While she is all sunshine and rainbows, he’s an oncoming storm.


Judging by his beaming face, we’re not sure if that outfit describes him very well. However, we appreciate that these two got creative – even if they are quite literally under the weather. Let’s hope that others at their prom were just as inventive with their own outfits. Otherwise, that eventful night could have been pretty awkward.

Cards on the table

If you value your money, you should avoid playing cards with this couple. Something tells us they know a thing or two about how to play, and they won’t be afraid to bleed you dry. We could see them fitting right in at a prom on the Las Vegas strip. Maybe after they graduate, they plan on heading to the desert city and trying their luck in the many casinos.


No-one would probably blink an eye if they walked around in these outfits, and they could be the perfect detraction from the actual game. Maybe fellow players will be so distracted by their outfits that they won’t even focus on when they are calling their bluff. It could be a great idea.

Pretty in pink

This student has gone for two very distinct colors with her look, and one is the orange tan covering her skin. It’s a contrast to the pink that literally makes up every part of her outfit, from the heels and dress to the flower in her hair. Out of all the things people have worn to their prom, this is undoubtedly more risqué than we’re used to.


We’re not sure if the see-through material or tiny skirt are really appropriate for an event like this, but she seemed to rock it on the night. She didn’t care what anyone else thought of her but instead focused on how she felt wearing her outfit. As you can imagine, she felt pretty in pink.

Less is more

It’s hard to pick a color scheme for your prom. If you and your partner have different preferences, then trying to satisfy both your personal tastes can be a challenge. Unfortunately, if you attempt to incorporate all your ideas into one outfit, you end up with something like this.


The guy looks like he was wading through slime before he took this photo, while the back of her dress appears to be having a Carrie situation. There is such a thing as too many colors, and we don’t think these two got that memo. They don’t seem to care too much, though, as the smiles on their faces show the world that they’re pretty happy with their outfit choices.

An assault on the eyes

Black, pink, and white are three colors that actually look really great together. However, when it comes to these looks, it’s hard to ignore how much they clash. The constant back and forth between polka dots and stripes is an assault on the eyes, particularly on the girl’s dress. It’s giving us a bit of a headache, not that her date’s outfit is much better.


Those shoes are certainly a crime against fashion, although at least they don’t demand as much attention as her dress. Of course, you have to admire their confidence to wear such outfits on such an important night. Not many people would do that, so props to them and their bizarre style. Would you wear this?

A burst of creativity

This couple is a pop art fantasy come to life right here. Their looks are both understated yet incredibly creative, a benefit of choosing to recreate such an iconic painting. We can only assume these two are art students, hence the inspiration for their outfits. Then again, maybe they thought the splashes of color would really pop on their prom attire.


Either way, we applaud this look, which is eye-catching and outside of the box, without trying to be too in-your-face. We especially love the little details in their outfit as a whole. Not only has the woman created her own purse, but the man has also adorned his glasses with the same bright colors. That’s dedication to the cause.

PVC prom stars

Many years ago, these were the kind of outfits that people would wear to their prom. Well, if proms existed back then. However, in the present day, they’re a bit of an outdated choice for a high school dance. If these two were hoping that their outfits would bag them the titles of prom king and queen, they might have been disappointed.


Perhaps things would have been better if their clothes had been made out of anything but PVC. It takes away from the authenticity. Nevertheless, if their prom theme was all about making your own outfits that were inspired by the Middle Ages, then these two should have definitely scored prom king and queen. They nailed that look.

As sweet as anything

Not everyone goes to the prom with a date. Some people prefer to go to the special dance with a group of friends to celebrate the time they’ve spent together. Doing this still gives you the option to coordinate your outfits, much like these two did. Unfortunately, they may have gone a little over the top.


It’s hard to focus on these dresses because there’s so much going on. They look like they belong in a Katy Perry video from her Teenage Dream era, and while it’s not for everyone, they actually seem to be pulling these looks off. They look as sweet as anything, albeit a little uncomfortable in those homemade dresses. You can’t have it all, though, right?

Nothing but neon

It’s incredible how many different ways you can be colorful when you go to prom. This student wanted to have an eye-catching dress that brightened up the room, but she didn’t want to go around in rainbow attire. So, instead, she ensured her outfit had plenty of tulle at the bottom, which came in a variety of neon colors.


All those pinks, purples, blues, and greens really stand out, especially given how much material there is there. We expect sitting in this dress was comfortable, but who needs to sit down when you’re at the prom? It’s the night for dancing for as long as humanly possible, and she even took some flip flops along for when her feet got tired.

Stray lines

You know when you have that stray piece of hair on your clothes that seems to evade you every time you try to pull it off? Yeah, that’s apparently what’s happening here, only on a much grander scale. Someone in this partnership thought that random squiggles were exactly what they needed to bring their outfits together.


We just want to reach out and pull them off, but we know we can’t. It’s a shame because they distract from what are some otherwise impressive outfits. After all, it can’t be easy to make a dress and a whole suit out of duct tape. Some serious creativity is needed to bring something like this together. These guys pulled it off, but they didn’t pull off the string.

Conquering the elements

It seems that earth, fire, air, and water combined to give this couple some outfits for the prom. The elements are a curious inspiration for such a look, and the result is certainly something that has us scratching our heads. Perhaps if they hadn’t tried to combine too much into one ensemble, things would have worked a little better.


Earth and fire are captivating elements in their own right, but together they make this girl’s dress a little busy. At least it’s not boring, and at least they will stand out from the crowd. Nobody just wants to blend in on the biggest night of their life, do they? We certainly don’t, and neither did these guys on the night of their prom.

What’s in the news?

Not everyone can afford their own prom dress, so they make one themselves out of whatever’s around the house. Perhaps that’s how this girl ended up with a dress constructed from newspapers. It’s not the most conventional choice of material given it rips easily, especially when wet.


Hopefully, no-one spilled their drink on her during the night, because that would have caused her dress to disintegrate and for the ink to run all over her. At the very least, the dress looks well made and well constructed. The crimped style really works on the top part of the outfit and even makes it look couture. Who knew that newspapers weren’t just for reading on a Sunday morning?

Sweet outfit

When you eat a piece of candy, you throw the wrapper away, right? That’s what most people do, because why would you hold onto it? It’s trash that you need to throw away, because most of the time, it serves no other purpose. Well, this student has given us a pretty good reason not to dispose of it so quickly.


She spent years stashing away her Starburst wrappers so she could craft them into this vibrant prom dress – and that’s exactly what she did. That’s a long time to devote to an outfit, but we’d say all that effort paid off. Her dress looks good enough to eat, and we wouldn’t have even known that it was made from garbage.

Shining in the spotlight

We don’t think this girl’s school needed to worry about getting a disco ball for the prom. With that dress on, there’s no way she didn’t shine with every step she took. People probably had to avert their eyes at times because her outfit was just so reflective. If only we knew what this look was made out of.


The strange jagged material is somewhat reminiscent of gum wrappers, although we’re sure that’s not what she used to craft this dress… right? Oh, wait. While it’s not your conventional prom dress, some people don’t like to live a conventional way of life. So, we don’t blame this young lady for trying something new and making her own unique dress.

Rainbow shards

As colorful looks go, this is certainly one of the more subtle approaches we’ve seen so far. While this student’s dress features every color imaginable, it doesn’t dominate the entire look. Those strips of black prevent the outfit from being too bright and going over the top. Plus, the shard effect works nicely with the rainbow colors, both on her dress and his waistcoat.


We can imagine that it took them quite a while to bring together, so we salute their efforts. After all, they must have put a huge amount of time and effort into making sure that their outfits were perfect for the event, and there’s no doubt about the fact that they look pretty proud of their achievements.

Hungry at the prom

What do you do when you love tortilla chips more than anything else in the world? You make a dress out of them, of course. Well, out of the packets, at least. This student seems to have a real craving for Doritos, which is why she’s fashioned her own prom dress out of various bags of the stuff.


It’s certainly a creative idea, especially if she left one of the bags unopened. That way, she would have had a snack handy if she got peckish. Let’s just hope that the other students at the prom with her didn’t crave these chips as well. Nobody wants to be mobbed by hungry high schoolers when they’re trying to dance the night away.

Every color in the rainbow

While girls typically face a lot of choices when it comes to the prom, there’s nothing saying that guys can’t put some effort into their outfits too. This lot obviously didn’t want to go to the dance in plain old tuxedos, so they decided to color coordinate themselves. There’s a suit for every color of the rainbow here, meaning disappearing into the background won’t have been an issue.


At least if they got split up, finding each other again won’t have been difficult. All they had to do was look for the brightest color in the room and venture in that direction. It’s a good thing that the guy in the yellow wore sunglasses because he probably needed them with all of those colors in his eyes.

It’s alive!

It wouldn’t surprise us if this girl was the only one at her prom whose dress had a life of its own. After all, you don’t tend to see people wearing clothes with facial features on them. We’re not sure what inspired this student to wear an outfit featuring a pair of sad-looking eyes, but it’s certainly caught our attention.


This could almost be something out of Sesame Street or a show of that ilk if it were a puppet, not a dress. Nevertheless, this lady probably stood out from the crowd when she wore this to her prom. Who else would be wearing a dress like this? We have a feeling that the chances would be very slim.

A casual affair

This girl looks ready to dance the salsa wearing a dress like that. However, it’s not her outfit that’s really caught our eyes here. Instead, it’s her partner’s. The guy looks more like he’s about to run laps or shoot some hoops than go to his prom. The splashes of green, pink, and yellow are the only thing that really connects him to his dolled-up date.


The baggy sweats and hoodie certainly don’t give off the impression he’s off to a school dance, but we guess prom night isn’t all about what you look like. You also need to have fun, you need to embrace the once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you need to be comfortable. He sure looks comfortable in that outfit.

A rose by any other name

William Shakespeare was famed for his romances – even though most of them ended as tragedies – but none were as famous as Romeo & Juliet. The tale of star-crossed lovers is one that nearly every high school student is familiar with, so it’s no surprise someone was inspired to use it for their prom look.


Juliet’s line that ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ obviously prompted these two to use flowers in their outfits, although not in the way you might expect. Once again, we have another couple who have used duct tape to make their outfits – and we’re really not quite sure why. Is this a prom trend that we have missed out on over the years?

I Pikachoose you

It’s amazing that after more than two decades, Pokémon is still as popular as it’s ever been. People are crazy about the video game franchise, and they choose to show their adoration for it in as many ways as possible. That includes wearing a dress to prom designed like one of its mascots.


This Pikachu dress definitely invokes the cuteness of one of Pokémon’s most beloved characters, and it would be sure to get a lot of attention from lovers of nostalgia at the prom. After all, it’s actually a pretty stunning dress. When you disregard the face, we could imagine many young women choosing to wear this dress to their own prom. Of course, the face just adds a little something extra.

Clash of the colors

Green and pink aren’t two colors we’d automatically think about putting together. In fact, we’d go so far as to say they clash – a lot. That’s certainly the case with these outfits, which have no shortage of the colors together. While the pockets and lapel of the man’s jacket aren’t that bad, the check pattern on his date’s dress is another matter.


Unfortunately, he appears to have the same design on the back of his pants and jacket as well. What were they thinking? While it seems as though they’re trying to crack a smile for this photo, they just don’t look comfortable alongside each other. Either that’s the company or the outfits. We don’t know which one it is.

Intergalactic inspiration

Sometimes, when you’re not sure how to progress with a project, you throw everything at the board and see what sticks. In the case of these two, it appears that’s literally what they did when designing their dresses. Did they just stick some duct tape together and then throw some paint on the dress as a whole? We wouldn’t be surprised.


There’s so much going on here that we’re uncertain what actually inspired the look. It’s giving us a bit of an intergalactic vibe, although whether that was the intention, we’re not sure. However, we will give them props for making an umbrella to go with their outfits. Not everyone has the idea to make accessories to go with their homemade prom dresses.

Not what she ordered

It’s unfortunate how often these bad purchases seem to happen nowadays. Someone sees an outfit they love online, so they buy it, only to receive something that looks nothing like what they wanted. In this case, the girl desired the product that she saw advertised on the left, only to end up with this instead.


We can understand her disappointment, especially if she’d bought the dress to wear to the prom. However, she doesn’t look that upset, so maybe she actually loves what she got. We can’t imagine that she would have worn this thing to her prom, though. Maybe she would have just cut up the fabric to fashion her own design in the end. You can’t let good material go to waste.

You’ll grow into it

When people buy or make their outfit for prom, they generally aim for something that fits them perfectly. You don’t want to be swallowed up by your look if it’s too big, or appear to have outgrown it if it’s too small. Unfortunately for this guy, it seems that his suit is wearing him more than he’s wearing it.


Maybe he didn’t measure himself correctly while in the planning process of this DIY outfit, or maybe he just wanted something a little baggier so that he could bust some moves on the dance floor without feeling restricted. While the color scheme works nicely, his outfit is perhaps a tad too baggy. Maybe it was dark enough at the prom that no-one noticed.

Did someone order Domino’s?

We definitely know where this student likes to order her pizza from. She must be one of Domino’s most valued customers because she went to a lot of effort to represent them for her prom. Not only did she wear a dress designed to look like a pizza, but she also made a throne made out of Domino’s boxes.


Now, that’s dedication! If she wasn’t hired to be a spokesperson for the restaurant chain after this, then there truly is no justice in the world. After all, this lady makes us seriously crave pizza, and while there are many companies out there who will provide us with pizza, something about this photo makes us want to go to one specific place.

Off the scales

Make way for the lizard king and queen! At least, that’s what we assume these two are trying to dress as. The design of their outfits certainly suggests they have scales, especially as they’re various shades of green. The red attachments on their backs also look a bit like wings, hinting that maybe these two are supposed to be dragons.


They might not be able to fly very far with wings that small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be fearsome creatures. Although these outfits are pretty bizarre, you can’t deny that they look incredibly intricate. Whoever made these must have spent hours and hours creating each individual scale, and that just has to be applauded. They are pretty awesome.

Peace, man

These two obviously planned to spend the whole of the prom at each other’s sides judging by their outfits. After all, this psychedelic illusion gets broken as soon as the two of them split up. Unless these two can’t cope with being separated for even a second, this was perhaps not the best idea for their prom.


That’s without even talking about what they’re wearing. Painting peace signs on your outfits is a very bold statement, especially when they’re all in such bright colors. While we have a feeling that this young lady will be alright with her legs exposed, we can’t help but think how hot and sweaty it will be for this man in his duct tape getup.

Living in the past

Anyone who grew up in the ‘80s will remember all the fuss around Rubik’s cubes. They were a huge craze back then, and interest in them is still relatively high. After all, some people spend hours turning the cube this way and that and trying to solve the almost-impossible riddle. That’s why students are choosing to go to prom dressed as one.


It might not seem like a conventional choice for an outfit, but at least it’s thinking outside of the box. Why wear a traditional dress when you could be a decades-old toy instead? We know which one we would go for. While these outfits don’t look too comfortable, they get points for being imaginative and a little different.

Savor the flavor

Feeling peckish? Then you should probably try and avoid these two. There’s no escaping all the food adorning their outfits, with the girl’s clutch even containing a bunch of grapes. None of it might be real, but that doesn’t mean it won’t set your cravings off. We’re not sure if their prom had a food theme or if they just wanted to do things a little differently.


Either way, their creativity has our stomachs rumbling, and it’s got us hungering for a piece of fruit. When you think about it, this is actually a great piece of healthy advertising. People crave fruit when they look at these two, which means that they’ll put down their pizza or their cake to eat something much healthier.

Holding on to their childhood

There are some interests you should probably always keep to yourself, no matter how much you enjoy them. We’re not saying that high school students should feel ashamed of liking Winnie the Pooh – we’re still fans ourselves. However, the prom is perhaps not the best place to showcase that love for the classic cartoon character.


On the plus side, at least there’s strength in numbers. Given both of them are wearing the bear on their outfits, they don’t stand out quite as much. We wonder what these guys think when they look back on these photos nowadays. If they’re still just as obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, they probably don’t mind too much. If not, then that’s pretty awkward.

Alice’s adventures at prom

If you’re going to go to the prom in a wacky outfit, you may as well be inspired by one of the most visually striking films out there. We’re, of course, talking about Alice in Wonderland, where color and craziness are all par for the course. These two got on board with the theme by dressing up as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.


There’s no doubt they stood out from the crowd and stole the show at their prom, and they even brought some props to help them create their vision. Not only does the Queen of Hearts have her very own staff, but she also brought along a beautiful teapot for the ride. They put a huge amount of thought into this.

Her own date

No date to the prom? No problem. This is 2020, people! You don’t need someone by your side to have a good time at the school dance, and you definitely don’t need a date to make you feel complete. You can go there by yourself and have the time of your life, just like we imagine this student did.


Rather than wallow in misery, she decided to go to the prom as her own date. She rocked a half-and-half look that allowed her to kick gender barriers to the cur, and we can’t help but think that this outfit was actually pretty hard to make. After all, she had to sew two different outfits together – and that’s not exactly easy. Go for it, girl!

Full of air

As bizarre as this outfit is, it’s also quite incredible. We can’t even make one simple animal using balloons, let alone create a whole dress out of them. This must have taken hours to put together, and she can’t have made it that far in advance of the prom. After all, those balloons would deflate before long, leaving her with a dress that was more sad than striking.


If she was racing against time to make this, though, there’s no sign of it – it’s perfection. Let’s hope that she didn’t come across anything sharp before making her way into the prom venue, as that could have seriously affected her overall look. She may be full of hot air, but it’s actually pretty awesome.

She’s been plucked

It really is devastating when you have a great idea for a dress, and it simply doesn’t come together. We expect this girl wanted her prom outfit to be covered in feathers, so she looked like a majestic swan waltzing her way to the school dance. Unfortunately, the reality of what she got was one big disappointment.


So much of this dress is just bare material that the feathers she has on seem a little pointless. We hope she didn’t pay good money for this, because it looks like there was a serious accident. The material is coming away from each other, the feathers looks as though they have been plucked, and it’s just a little strange.

Arts and crafts

There’s so much we want to say about these outfits, but we can’t stop looking at this girl’s hair. It must have taken a lot of hairspray to make it stand up straight like that. The style is undeniably impressive, and it certainly fits with the wackiness of her outfit. It’s got a crafty quality to it that screams homemade, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


At least when you make something yourself, you know no-one else will be wearing the same outfit. This whole scenario is giving us some serious Grinch vibes, so we’re actually a little upset that these two didn’t decide to paint their faces green for the sake of their theme. That would have been cool.

Proud of their country

Who said young people these days don’t have any national pride? These two are as patriotic as it gets in their red, white, and blue garb. The guy looks like a modern version of Uncle Sam in that suit, while his partner is every bit the patriotic Southern Belle. Even if their fellow students aren’t crazy about the United States, these two have enough national pride for everyone.


What’s more, they made their entire outfits out of duct tape – which is pretty impressive. After all, if they spilled any drinks throughout the night, they could simply wipe the liquid away without it affecting their outfits in any way. That’s pretty smart, right? You’ve also got to love an outfit with a cane.