These Useful WD-40 Hacks Actually Work

Polishing silver

Amazingly enough, WD-40 is excellent for polishing silverware. It’s great to have lovely silver items like cutlery and jewelry, but the problem with silver is that it gets tarnished over time. That can leave your special pieces looking dark, dull and definitely not worth showing off to your guests. Never fear, WD-40 is here. To get your silverware sparkling again, just spray it with WD-40, wipe it off and see how delightfully clean and new your pieces now look.

Dislodging stuck glasses

Don’t you find it exasperating to reach for a glass only to find that it’s jammed tightly inside another one? Sometimes, a vacuum has been created that is hard to break by simply pulling with all your might. There’s an easier way to release those glasses. Simply spray both glasses with WD-40 and wait a few moments for the formula to spread between the glasses. Now gently rotate and pull the glasses apart. Don’t forget to wash the glasses before you use them.

Unsticking zippers

Another frustrating situation is when a zipper gets stuck, and hard as you try, it just won’t budge. What do you do? Well, there are a few remedies going around for this annoying little problem, but you guessed it: WD-40 will sort this problem out too. Just spray some WD-40 onto the zipper. After a few minutes to allow the lubricant to penetrate, start working the zipper back and forth gently. It should now be able to slide right back and be usable once again.

Cleaning your sneakers

We all love a beautiful pair of white sneakers, but it always seems that they get stained with mud and grass in no time. And the worst part is that these stains are so hard to get off. But there’s an answer: Simply spray some WD-40 onto the stains and wipe them off. You’ll be surprised at how effective a cleaning agent this simple lubricant is. To make your sneakers waterproof, just spray them with WD-40. Just like that, no more stains.

Removing tar stains

A really tricky problem with cars is when you get tar on them. It’s very difficult to get off and somewhat like cleaning a filthy oven. Once again, WD-40 comes to the rescue. Just spray the stained area of the car and wipe away the mess. You won’t believe how easy it is to remove stains from your car with WD-40. So next time you get tar or another sticky, difficult substance on your precious car, just pull out your can and spray away.

Removing ice from your windows

If you live in a cold area where it’s icy for most of the year — or even if you’re getting ready for the cold months — you’d be wise to stock up on WD-40. To prevent ice from forming on your car windshield and other windows, spray the windows with WD-40 and wipe off the excess. Next time you wake up to a wintery morning, you won’t need to waste any time scraping ice off your car windows.

Stopping scissors from jamming

Another annoying problem that WD-40 is more than capable of solving is scissor blades sticking together. You know what it’s like. You’ve been using them for a while, and it suddenly becomes more difficult to open and close them. Using malfunctioning scissors can actually put you in danger of injuring yourself, so whip out your WD-40 for a solution to the problem. Simply polish the blades with WD-40 occasionally, and the problem won’t resurface.

Cleaning the toilet

One of the nastiest jobs around the house is cleaning the toilet, but it’s got to be done. Even the cleanest toilets can get some horrible buildup inside the bowl. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a separate product to clean your loo. Just spray the toilet bowl with some WD-40 and then clean the bowl with a toilet brush. You’ll be amazed at how clean your toilet will be and how long it stays that way.

Protecting the birds

If you have a bird feeder and enjoy watching the birds, you might be surprised to learn that WD-40 can solve a pesky problem for you. As many of us know, squirrels just love bird seed. They can often be seen climbing up bird feeder poles and helping themselves to the birds’ lunch. No problem. If you spray the pole with WD-40, when a greedy squirrel tries to climb up, it will just slide down.

Removing rings

It’s very stressful to have a ring stuck on your finger. Our natural reaction is to panic and keep pulling at it to no avail. All that happens is your finger swells up even more and the ring remains stuck. Our fingers can swell up when the weather’s warm or if you’re pregnant, but the solution to stuck rings is in a little can. Spray your finger with WD-40 and work the ring off gently. Voila!

Removing gum

Many of us enjoy chewing gum for all the delicious flavors and the way it keeps you busy between meals. But when you stand on a wad of gum and it gets stuck to your shoe, it’s no joke. It’s pretty gross to be touching it anyway, but it’s also hard to get off. Well, you guessed it. This is another job for WD-40. Just spray the gum with some of the lubricants, and then it should come off right away.

Removing lipstick

Many women love wearing lipstick. Buying new colors and trying them out according to what suits your mood and your look can be great fun. But what happens when you get lipstick on your clothes? Or even worse, on your partner’s collar? While some brands of lipstick are more difficult to remove than others, next time this happens, try spraying WD-40 on the area as a pre-wash stain remover. Leave it for a couple of minutes, and then wash as you normally would. The stain should vanish.

Removing crayon marks

Your little darling might be a budding artist, but if he or she uses the walls as a canvas, it can cause major problems. While creativity is certainly something to nurture, getting crayon marks off walls can be extremely difficult. Many ordinary cleaners are just not up to the task, and you end up having to rub really hard without any guarantee that the stain will completely disappear. No problem. Spray the marks with WD-40 and wipe them straight off.

Clean and protect golf clubs

Lastly, one of our more niche but still practical uses of WD-40 is keeping golf clubs clean and preventing them from rusting. After every game, spray some of the solution onto your clubs after every use to keep them clean and get rid of scratches. Once you wipe away whatever’s left on the club using a kitchen roll or cloth, use a head cover to keep away the rust for even longer.

Getting rid of coffee and tea stains

It’s great having guests over for coffee, but when they leave, it’s not so great to see stains all over your table. Even worse is when someone spills a whole cup of coffee or tea over the table. Coffee and tea stains are notoriously difficult to remove and might actually end up being permanent. This is where WD-40 is extremely useful. Simply sop up the beverage with a cloth, then spray the area with WD-40 and wipe. Just like magic, the stains will disappear.

Opening rusted locks

One of the better-known uses for WD-40 is on locks that have rusted shut and rusty keys. Sometimes, if a key or keyhole has gotten rusty, you can’t open it or it takes forever to get it open — sometimes at the risk of breaking the key inside the lock. This can cause a world of pain. Before that happens, spray the rusty lock and key with WD-40. Put the key in the lock and work it back and forth until it opens.

Getting gum out of hair

Never mind gum sticking to the sole of your shoe, what about when your child gets it in their hair? It’s almost impossible to get out. Before this, the only solution was to cut the gum out of their hair. But not anymore. If you spray some WD-40 onto the gum, you will find that it comes off very easily. Do this outside or with the windows open and avoid contact with the eyes. Afterward, wash the child’s hair.

Cleaning your license plate

Everything needs a little tender loving care now and then, even something as small as a license plate. If yours is rusting, spray it with some WD-40 and then wipe it with a clean cloth. The rust should come right off. In fact, the spray removes the rust layer on the surface of the license plate while keeping it from rusting any further. And because it surprisingly doesn’t leave a greasy residue, it’s a great way of maintaining your car’s license plate.

Getting glue off

Although manufacturers recommend that we use gloves when working with strong glue, we don’t always take their advice. So what do you do if you get some of that extremely strong glue on your fingers? Well, don’t do what you might be tempted to do and panic like crazy. Instead, reach for your trusty WD-40 and spray a little onto the glue. Then, rub your hands together until the glue comes off. WD-40 can also be used to remove glue from other surfaces.

Maintaining guitar strings

This is a surprising one. If you play the guitar, you know how important it is to maintain your instrument in peak condition. This ensures optimum sound quality. To clean and lubricate the strings of your guitar, spray WD-40 onto a clean cloth and wipe down the strings. Avoid spraying directly onto the guitar so you don’t run the risk of product buildup on other parts of the instrument. Repeat the procedure on a regular basis.

Avoiding splinters on wooden handles

Getting a splinter in your finger is downright painful, and it often happens when you are working with wood-handled tools. You end up having to dig around with a sterilized needle to get the splinter out, and that’s not a good idea because it might cause an infection. Avoid the pain by spraying wooden handles with WD-40. This will keep the surface smooth and free of painful splinters. Repeat regularly as well as when the wood dries out.

Softening baseball gloves

The many uses for WD-40 just keep on amazing us. Listen to this one: It turns out that a great way of breaking in new baseball gloves involves the magical spray. You know how stiff and unyielding a new baseball glove can be. But with WD-40, the problem is solved. To soften up the leather of your new baseball glove, spray it with WD-40. Place a baseball in the center of the glove, fold it over and fasten it with a rubber band or string.

Maintaining leather furniture

Speaking of WD-40 and its uses with a leather baseball glove, it appears that it’s also great for maintaining leather furniture. Without regular maintenance, even the best leather can dry out and crack. To clean your leather furniture as well as protect and soften it, spray it down with WD-40. Wipe with a soft cloth and you’ll be delighted with the results. Regular use of this technique will extend the life of your leather furniture, saving you a ton of cash.

Attracting fish

One of the most unusual uses for WD-40 is for fishermen. It seems that some people who fish are spraying their lures with WD-40 because they believe it attracts fish. In fact, rumor once had it that the product contained fish extracts, but the manufacturers have since dismissed the claim. Still, it seems to work. But before using any chemicals to lure fish, check with your local authority to ensure that this is permitted in the area you are fishing in.

Reviving your grill

Especially in the warmer months, a barbecue grill can be a great way to socialize with our friends and family and spend time in the great outdoors. The only downside to a barbecue grill is having to clean it. It can take ages to scrub only for a nasty black residue to remain stubbornly clinging to the metal. To reinvigorate your grill, spray it with WD-40, wait a few minutes and scrub it down with a wire brush. Then wash off the residue.

Getting rid of stickers

We love the hilarious bumper stickers you can get for your car but hesitate to get them because they’re so difficult to get off. And you don’t necessarily want a sticker on your car forever. It’s more fun to change them up every once in a while. So what can you do? Instead of struggling and cursing trying to get a sticker off your car, spray a layer of WD-40 onto it and it should peel off within a minute or two. Problem solved.

Prolong the life of your shower head

This is one of the most amazing uses for WD-40 we can imagine. We all know the difference between a bad shower and a good one. It’s all in the shower head. A small, mean shower head means a frustrating, pathetic shower that sets you up for a grumpy start to the day. But a great shower makes you feel like a million bucks. To extend the lifespan of your shower head, spray it with WD-40 and save on replacements.

Increasing the filtering capacity of air conditioners

Air conditioners not only regulate the temperature of a room but also filter out dust from the air. It turns out that WD-40 can make your air conditioner filter even more effective. Before your air conditioner is installed, lightly spray WD-40 onto the filter. This will ensure that even less dust enters your home, keeping it cleaner and reducing the chances of allergic reactions. Check the filters after a while and see just how much dust has been filtered out of the air.

Removing water stains

Isn’t it frustrating how many water stains build up on shower doors in such a short span of time? This means that you have to clean the glass more often, wasting time and products. Here’s another great application for the wonder spray that is WD-40. Next time you’re cleaning your shower, use WD-40 and watch the water stains disappear. And the good news is that they will stay away for longer than usual. What’s not to like about that?

Removing mold from the refrigerator gasket

The refrigerator is one of the places in the house that is particularly important to keep clean and free of buildup. Another irritating situation in the house is when dirt accumulates on the refrigerator gasket. It’s really disgusting, and because it’s right near where we store our food, it’s essential to get rid of — and fast. This is an astoundingly useful application for WD-40. Just spray it on the gunk, wait a few minutes and then wipe it up. Clean as a whistle.

Repelling and killing insects

Can you believe it? WD-40 can solve the problem of spiders, cockroaches and other insects in the home. If you want to get rid of a cockroach, spray it with WD-40 and your problem will be solved. To repel unwanted critters, spray your door frames and windowsills with WD-40 and you will be pest-free. Make sure not to do this if you have small children or babies, and do not inhale the fumes when applying WD-40 to large areas.

Prevent wasps from building nests

Yellow jackets and other kinds of wasps can spoil the warmer months, and they seem to love building their nests under the eaves. Next thing you know it, there are swarms of them buzzing around and threatening to give you and your loved ones a nasty sting or two. This is where our beloved WD-40 comes to the rescue again. Before the start of spring, spray WD-40 under the eaves. This will stop wasps from even trying to build nests there.

Remove doggie-doo

There are few things more disgusting in life than standing in a pile of doggie-doo. Your shoe is now covered with the revolting stuff, and you’ve got the terrible task of trying to get it off. What to do? Firstly, scrape off most of the offending substance. Then, spray the sole of the shoe with WD-40, and use an old toothbrush to clean out all the nooks and crannies. Finally, rinse the sole with water and your shoe will be good to go.

Tone down polyurethane shine

If you’ve ever had your floors re-coated with a new coat of polyurethane, you probably know how impossibly shiny wooden floors can look. They can sometimes turn out so shiny that you’re tempted to wear sunglasses to cut the glare. If you ever have your floors redone, do this: after they’ve been coated and the floor has dried, spray some WD-40 onto a cloth and wipe the entire floor with it. This will cut down on the shine and glare.

Remove a stuck prosthesis

If you wear a prosthesis such as a prosthetic leg or arm, you will know only too well how difficult it can be to take it off sometimes. The problem’s made all the more difficult to solve when there’s no one else around to help you get it off. Now’s the time to reach for that can of WD-40 for help. When your prosthesis next sticks, spray some WD-40 where the prosthesis attaches. This will make it easier to remove the prosthesis.

Remove tomato stains

What did the world do before the discovery of tomatoes? Good question. They’re so much a part of our food these days that they’re virtually ubiquitous. The trouble is, eating tomato-based foods can sometimes leave you with nasty stains on your clothes. And these stains are notoriously hard to remove. Never fear. Next time you mess tomatoes or tomato sauce on your clothes, spray on a little WD-40, wait a few minutes, and wash as usual. Problem sorted!

Super-clean your fridge

Sometimes after cleaning the fridge, stubborn fragments of food remain, despite plenty of scrubbing with ordinary cleaners. You know those horrible little bits in the corners that just won’t come out, no matter what you use. Well, next time you clean your fridge, take out all food and remove from the area. Spray a little WD-40 on the stubborn spots, and wipe away with a cloth. Ensure you clean off all WD-40 before putting food back in the refrigerator.

Getting rid of blood and other stains

No matter how careful we are, sometimes we or our children cut or injure ourselves, and this means blood on your clothes. We all know how difficult protein stains such as blood stains are to get out. So, next time blood shows up on an item of clothing, spray some WD-40 directly onto the stains and wait a few minutes. Then launder as usual, but in cold water only. It’s also effective for grease, ink and dirt stains.

Remove paint rub from cars

Doesn’t your heart just sink when you get back to your car to find that while you were innocently doing your grocery shopping, someone else and their car got a bit too close to yours? If there’s no actual dent, you’re lucky. But sometimes your car has paint rub from the other car on it. To get rid of these unsightly paint marks, spray the area with WD-40 and wait a few moments. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove the paint.

Remove tough scuff marks

Scuff marks on your car, kitchen floor or shoes can be both frustrating and tough to deal with. A not-so-well-known trick to helping remove them from any hard surface is spraying WD-40. There are a lot of other nifty pieces of advice you may already have heard of, such as using an eraser or toothpaste. These may work, but WD-40 is better because it doesn’t harm the surface as some cleaners do and you won’t have to do nearly as much scrubbing.

Clean dried glue

Super glue is usually packaged in tiny tubes that are pretty easy to spill. In the event of such an occurrence, there are multiple ways to approach the situation. The most common advice you’ll get regarding this is to use nail polish remover. This works because nail polish contains acetone, which works but also damages surfaces causing discoloration. Instead, simply spray WD-40 onto the affected area, wait 30 seconds and wipe away the glue using a damp cloth.

Degrease your hands

Once you’re done working on your car, your hands will inevitably be blackened with grime and horribly greasy. The easiest way to get rid of the grease: WD-40. Spray some WD-40 onto your hands then rub them together as you would when washing them. Then wipe off the remaining grime with a piece of cloth and wash them with some warm water and soap. The grease should easily wash off. The same goes for caked-on gunk on your car or bike: it should be good as new after.

Remove stickers from glass

Getting stickers off of glass is another task that can turn arduous pretty fast because of the strong adhesives used by manufacturers. Rather than wasting precious vinegar, soap and water, try a little WD-40. Spray it on the area where the sticker won’t come off, wait a few minutes and gently scrape off the now unstuck paper off the glass. If you’re curious, the action of WD-40 is pretty much the same here as in super glue: it breaks up the adhesive, so it loses stickiness.

Remove stuck spark plugs

The function of the spark plug is to create a spark that causes fuel to burn. For all purposes and intents, then, it’s in your best interest to keep it dry. Absorption of moisture by the spark plug is the main cause of hard starting in cars. To alleviate this, do it the NASCAR way: spray some WD-40 to keep away moisture. On the other hand, dry spark plugs are very tough to replace. Luckily enough, WD-40 is a perfect lubricant.

Remove old wax from skis and snowboards

At the molecular level, the wax is composed of the same stuff like glue and grease. For that reason, WD-40 is very efficient at removing it from all kinds of surfaces. Perhaps most relevant of all these are skis and snowboards. To remove old wax from your boards, spray a little WD-40 to use as a base and follow up by scraping off the remaining mixture with an acrylic scratch remover like Quixx. Lastly, a brass brush may be of use to get rid of the oxidized material.

Protect your boat from corrosion

A boat’s outer finish is most susceptible to corrosion when plying along a saltwater channel, which is around 90% of the time for the average boat user. One of the less known uses of WD-40 is preventing corrosion. To protect your boat’s outer finish, spray some WD-40 right on the stern after each use. It only takes a few seconds and is almost 100% cheaper than waiting to replace parts of your stern. Your boat should be sparkling new for a long time to come.

Remove barnacles on boats

Having barnacles all over your boat quite unsightly, and getting rid of them can be really difficult and odious. You can make it a lot less so with the help of out magic spray: WD-40. Spray the affected area as generously as you can and wait about thirty seconds or so before using a knife to scrape off the culprits gently. Repeat the procedure all over for any stubborn barnacles that won’t get off and sandpaper to get rid of remnants.

Untangle fishing lines

Fishing lines often get tangled up in little knots that are impossible to get to using just your fingernails. To loosen such a knot, spray it with WD-40, which should make the knot easier to deal with, and use a needle or pin to undo any that remain. While on the topic of fishing lines, WD-40 can also be used to extend the life of a curled fishing line. Use the spray on the first few feet of the line every night before you make your trip.

Getting rid of scratches from mobile phone screen

Having a scratch on your cell phone screen can be pretty annoying. To be welcomed by it every time you want to use your phone is not something that is desirable. If you are considering removing it without going to the repair shop, then you’re in the right place. You can just apply a squirt of WD-40 on your screen and just wait to see how fast the scratch disappears. Sounds pretty easy, isn’t it?

Removing moisture from waterlogged cell phone

Most of the tales about saving cell phones that got submerged in water don’t just work. If you’re fortunate enough to be reading this, be sure to stock up a WD-40 bottle so that you can use it when your phone gets submerged in water. Here’s the deal, you just need to spray it with a small amount and wait a few minutes. Check the cell phone after a while, you may be surprised that it’s dry and still working perfectly.

Removes dirt from book covers

If you’ve got books you haven’t looked at for ages and are covered in grime, you won’t believe what we recommend. Yes, it’s good old WD-40 to the rescue like the superhero it is. First dust the book cover, book spine, and edges of the pages off with a soft cloth or a brush. Then spray the outside of the book lightly with WD-40 and wipe off with the cloth. Your book will look as good as new so that you can shelve it again.

Helps you play table hockey

You read that right. WD-40 can actually help you play better table hockey. Before your opponent arrives, spray a layer of WD-40 onto the hockey table. Don’t spray too heavily; just a light dusting will do the trick. Now, when you play, you’ll be amazed at how fast the puck slides across the table, maybe upping your chances of a win. You never know, it could give you that element of surprise, an edge over your opponent that could tip the scales in your favor.

Revives your paint brushes

The absolute worst part of any DIY job has got to be cleaning up, especially cleaning brushes after you’ve been painting or varnishing. But never fear. WD-40 is here to take the drudge out of your next DIY project. Next time you’re cleaning paintbrushes, first remove as much of the paint or varnish as possible, and clean with a solvent. Next, spray them with WD-40 and wipe thoroughly to remove every last bit of paint. It also softens and protects the bristles of the brush.

Works wonders on cowboy boots

If you just love your cowboy boots, you’ll be delighted to find out that WD-40 can be a particularly good friend to you. It turns out that this miracle in a can help keep those boots looking good, year after year. Next time you want to clean your old friends, instead of using regular polish, spray them with WD-40. Wait a few minutes, and then wipe your boots down with a soft cloth, and then polish with a brush or another cloth.

Protects your seashell collection

Do you collect shells whenever you get to the beach? If you’ve got quite a collection going on or you’re just starting out, you need to know the best way to keep your beautiful shells in perfect condition. Next time they need cleaning, try spraying them with a little WD-40. Wipe off the residue with a clean cloth, and buff to polish and shine. There, they’ll look like you’ve just picked them off the beach, fresh and shiny from the ocean.

Protects metal wind chimes from rust

If you have metal wind chimes at home, there’s a clever way to keep them from rusting. This is especially important if you live near the coast or in a high rainfall area, where everything metal tends to become rusty with time. To protect, polish and keep your metal wind chimes rust free, simply spray them with a layer of WD-40 and do not wipe off. If your chimes need cleaning first, do so with WD-40 and wipe off before spraying on your permanent layer.

Stops mildew on outdoor fountains

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fountain, you’ll no doubt want it to look its exceptional best at all times. This is quite an amazing use for WD-40 right here. It turns out that if you clean your outdoor fountain first, and then spray it with WD-40, you will prevent mildew from growing on the fountain. Mildew can really spoil the look of a fountain, so revive your fountain now with a can of WD-40 and just a few minutes of your time.

Removes graffiti

Have you ever woken up one morning, only to find hideous graffiti spray-painted all over one of your walls? It’s highly annoying and can really make your property look tatty and ugly. Surprisingly, you no longer have to repaint the wall to get rid of someone else’s idea of art. All you have to do is get yourself a can or two of WD-40, depending on the size of the damage, and spray it over the area. Wait a minute, and simply wipe it away.

A really odd use indeed!

When John Glenn made that historical journey around the Earth in 1962, you won’t believe what was on his spaceship! It turns out that when NASA was building the spacecraft Friendship VII, scientists were searching for ways of reducing friction upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. So, what did they use? WD-40, of course. They slathered the entire spacecraft in WD-40, from the very top to bottom of the machine in the hopes that it would help the craft on re-entry.

An even odder use!

In 2001, a burglar broke into an apartment in Medford, Oregon. Instead of wielding the usual knife or gun, what did he bring with him? A can of WD-40! But to what end? Instead of using it as a lubricant to allow himself to escape more easily, as you might have guessed, he sprayed the poor apartment occupant with the stuff. He then went on to escape with the hapless victim’s wallet and car keys but was apprehended later on. WD-40 isn’t a good weapon!

Prevents corrosion on outdoor light fixtures

It’s so frustrating to find evidence of corrosion on your outdoor light fixtures. After all, they don’t come cheap, and you want them to last for many years before they need to be replaced. Luckily, WD-40 has the answer, once again. Before your outdoor light fixtures start showing signs of rust, spray them liberally with WD-40. No need to wipe off. The magic formula will protect your precious light fittings for a good year or so before you should spray them again.

Shines mother of pearl accessories

Mother of pearl is one of our most beautiful gifts from nature, and clever people have been using this shimmering substance to add glamor to their look for centuries. Also known as nacre, mother of pearl is a composite material produced by some mollusks (snail-like creatures) to line the inside of their shells. It is also the substance that covers the outside of pearls. Although it is strong, it needs to be cleaned gently. WD-40 does the trick and leaves a beautiful shine.

Keeps VCR tapes from sticking in VCR’s

If you’re still holding on to those VCR tapes, we’ve got good news for you. One of the worst feelings in the world is putting a tape into your VCR and, instead of your favorite movie of all time appearing, the whole thing jams and the tape is shredded. You’ve probably had that tape for years, but now it’s gone, and you’re scared your other tapes will go the same way. We’ve got the solution: a little WD-40 on the tape cogs. Simple!

Lubricates toaster slides

Love your toast but not your toaster? Before chucking your toaster out and forking out for a new one, consider sorting out the problems with your existing toaster. After all, we are trying to save the planet, aren’t we? When toasters get older, it sometimes gets more difficult to push down the toaster slide to starting toasting your bread. It can get so bad sometimes that it renders the toaster virtually unusable. Spray the slides with a little WD-40, and the problem should disappear.

Eases disassembly of hammock supports

If you love lying in a hammock during the warmer months, but dread taking it down, listen up. Sometimes the thought of having to disassemble a hammock can actually put us off using it, so it just ends up gathering dust in the corner of the garage. Not anymore. You need never worry about taking your hammock supports apart again. Next time you put up your hammock, spray the appropriate areas on the supports so that they’re easy to take apart in the end.

Lubricates wheels on rolling Ping-Pong tables

If you like table tennis, you might be the proud owner of a portable Ping-Pong table. These nifty rolling tables allow you to move the table to anywhere you feel like playing, even outside. But as time passes, the wheels start to stick and jam, making it difficult to move the table. We’ve got just the solution to your sticky wheel problems: WD-40, of course. Simply spray on the wheels of the table and move the table around to disperse the solution. Voila!

Cleans motorcycle chains

For all you bikers out there, we’ve got a revolutionary new way for you to keep your bike in good running order, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. If you own a motorcycle, you probably spend a good deal of time taking care of it so that it can perform at its peak. One of the messier jobs that’s essential to keep your bike running smoothly is cleaning the chains. Simply spray the chain with WD-40, wait a few minutes, and wipe off the dirt.

Drives moisture from DC auto batteries

If you’ve ever suffered the inconvenience of having your car refuse to start in rainy weather, your life is about to become a lot easier. When it’s raining cats and dogs, and your car is parked outside, water tends to get under the hood and wet the engine. This includes the battery and can result in your not being able to start the car. Here, prevention is definitely better than cure. Keep your auto battery protected by spraying it with some WD-40 to repel moisture.

Cleans overhead projectors

When you work with overhead projectors, you know how important it is for the glass surfaces to be perfectly clean. If the glass is cloudy or covered in fingerprints, for example, your own slides aren’t going to look their best during a presentation. The answer to the problem lies, not surprisingly, in that little can of power that is WD-40. When next working with an overhead projector, spray a little WD-40 on the glass and wipe off to reveal a perfectly clean surface.

Lubricates stuck vending machine knobs

Have you ever gone to your office vending machine, put in your money … and the knob jams! The result is you get a fat nothing for your money because the knob won’t budge. The problem is, vending machines tend to be subject to heavy use, the popular little things that they are. This can sometimes result in knobs on the machine starting to get stuck and eventually completely jamming. If you spray the knobs with WD-40 to lubricate them, they’ll stay jam-free for ages.

Lubricates cash drawer locks

If you own a cash drawer, you know that their locks tend to get stuck and demand strength to unlock, which can be annoying just as it’s disconcerting – our first thought is that someone may have messed with the lock, or that it’s broken forever. That’s rarely the case, but why not prevent needless stress? Use the WD-40 to lubricate cash drawer locks just once in three months, and we guarantee you’ll never see issues again. Not your expected use of WB40, but it’s one of our favorites.

Stops squeaks on swing sets

Swings sets are adorable and relaxing – unless they squeak. And what the sellers won’t tell you is that they squeak a lot very soon, after a single coldish winter. If you are one of us who have tried everything to stop the awful sound and you are by now thinking of getting rid of the set, try WD-40. It works like magic in killing the squeakiness of bulky mechanisms like swing sets. Apply to the set joints before and right at the end of wintertime, and enjoy the silence.

Lubricates axles on miniature racing cars

Our least expected but much-appreciated use is that WD-40 can work to lubricate axles on miniature racing cars. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, skip this session. If you do, time to get excited. Almost nothing helps with mini racing cars after they accumulate some years, but WD-40 somehow does. Even collectors have started sharing this tip on their sites and blogs, and you won’t find a single dissatisfied owner. Give it a go.

Spray on fingers to make smoother finger-spinning for freestyle Frisbee players

This is the most sporty side of WD-40. Freestyle frisbee buffs and pros know the importance of smooth finger spinning, and WD-40 helps you to achieve just that. If you are a pro, this is an absolute must to try, as a player say it gives results different from any other method. If you’re a beginner, try it just as well and impress friends with your smooth finger fleak technique.

Shines bike tires

Bike tires are known to get that worn out, grey-white look with time, even they are perfectly functional, and there is no need to change them; still, they give your entire bike an old look. The annoying thing is water and washing help for one or two days only, rather than being long-term solutions. There must be other ways too, but some bike owners swear by WD-40 as the only cure. It’s been widely tried and tested with great effects in shining bike tires and restoring healthy color.

Removes paint from leather

Do you know that WD- 40 also does the unimaginable – permanently removing paint stains from leather? Whether you got furniture messed up while wall painting or your leather jacket got some artistic sprinkles from your painting project, removing paint can be tricky. Using WD-40 is one thing proven to work, just make sure you use a sufficient amount. It may take two or three tries, but it invariably does magic in the end.

Cleans synthesizer keys

If you’ve tried a bunch of products for cleaning dirty looking synthesizer keys, try WD-40, and you’ll be surprised with the effect. Synthesizer keys are traditionally hard to clean, so most people just get used to the somewhat sticky look. WD-40 works to facilitate key cleaning, and the effect is more lasting than that of products specifically advertised for keyboards and pianos.

Shines bronze sculptures

 It’s great to have a nice collection of unique bronze sculptures that will always impress your visitors. But we all know there is a common problem – bronze gets a tarnished look with time. And it’s by no means a breeze to make it look new and shiny, though you surely wish to restore it to its former luster. Actually, this is yet another problem where that WD-40 can help. Just spray it over the area of bronze you wish to clean, wipe it off, and enjoy the sculpture become sparkly once again!

Keeps dog leashes rust-free

Dog leashes get rusty very soon, what with the weather and rain that your canine friends pay little heed to. When rusty, they look really inelegant and leave that strange feeling (and smell) on your hands. If you have kids, they will be especially sensitive to it. But this is not a reason to keep buying new leashes, as rust is removable with WD-40. Yes, it’s an unusual method, but always works and is, in fact, effective even on fairly old rust. Your dog probably won’t notice, but your family will surely be grateful.

Spray lightly over stagnant water to keep mosquito eggs from hatching

Mosquitoes are the biggest pests of summer, or of all time for that matter, especially if you are trying to enjoy time in your garden. Spraying your own body with insect repellents is popular, but can be harmful in various ways, and you certainly don’t want to do that too often. Still, there is a way to prevent mosquitos from hatching. Another less known but actually popular use of WD-40 is that it can keep mosquito eggs from hatching. Just spray it lightly over some stagnant water, and repeat the process monthly.