Celebrity Wardrobe Mishaps From The Red Carpet Caught By Cameras

Heading to the red carpet is a massive moment for most celebrities. Sadly, some of them had some major wardrobe malfunctions that are hard to forget.

The Oscars. The Grammys. People’s Choice Awards. What do they all have in common? They’re all award ceremonies that give our favorite celebrities a chance to dress up and celebrate their work. Some of us can’t wait to see who wins while others love to see what everyone wears to the big events. It’s a time where some of the biggest names in fashion compete to make sure that their looks are shown off on the red carpet.

Many celebrities have caught our eye, thanks to their show-stopping gowns. However, some got everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons. That’s right; we’re talking about the times that outfits fight back and lead to some pretty big wardrobe malfunctions that are hard to forget. Poor celebrities. It can be tough to hide an issue when the world’s paparazzi is there to capture the moment.

Barbara Streisand

Barbra Streisand was once at the top of Hollywood thanks to her incredible acting and singing career. She was one of the many celebrities who were invited to the 1969 Academy Awards and even bagged herself the award for Best Actress thanks to her time in the movie ‘Funny Girl.’ Sadly, as Barbra took to the stage, her jumpsuit had other ideas.

The Arnold Scaasi piece ripped as soon as the star stepped foot on the stage. That’s not all. It turned out that the outfit was actually see-through. Barbara later said that she had no idea that the material was so sheer. Apparently, it was never an issue in the dressing room, but the bright lights on stage showed off a little too much.

Liang Jingke

2016 was a wild year at the Venice Film Festival – and it wasn’t thanks to the number of hit films that got their time in the limelight on the night. Actress Liang Jingke stole the night in her jade gown as she arrived to watch the romantic drama ‘The Light Between Oceans.’ Everything was going fine until Liang tripped and fell to the ground.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough already, the actress’s dress turned out to be a little too fitted and long for her to get up on her own. In the end, it took two guys to awkwardly help Liang back onto her feet as others quickly gathered up everything that had fallen from her purse. Oops.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham showed the world that even runway models trip and stumble every now and then. The model appeared at the Time 100 Gala in 2017 in a slinky black dress. Like many others, Ashley stood and posed for the cameras before she continued with her night. Everything was fine until Ashley went to walk away.

It seems she might have stepped a little too far back. That or the train on the back of her dress wasn’t such a good idea after all. Her heel got caught in the fabric and almost sent the model tumbling. Amazingly, Ashley was able to catch herself before she introduced her face to the ground and laughed it off as she walked away.

Eva Longoria

What is it about the Cannes Film Festival that seems to get our celebrities in a spin? Eva Longoria was one of the many on the red carpet back in 2013. Sadly, the celebs also had to deal with a sudden downpour that flooded the red carpet. Of course, many of these gowns cost a pretty penny.

Eva wanted to make sure that her dress was safe from the wet but accidentally pulled it up a little high. As if that wasn’t enough, it turned out that Eva had skipped some of her wardrobe for the night. Thankfully, she took it all like a pro. Eva posted her dress for the next day on social media to show the world there were no wardrobe malfunctions in sight.

Nicole Kidman

While Nicole Kidman’s cross-back dress might look great, it didn’t stay that way throughout the night. Photos from later on in the evening show the actress was sporting an open-back dress instead. So what happened? The Armani Prive gown was covered in embellishment from head to toe that helped the star sparkle on the red carpet.

It looked great, but it wasn’t long before the straps started to rub and irritate her skin. Thankfully, Nicole was quickly able to sneak away and adjust the straps, so they acted as a halter neck instead. In fact, Nicole pulled it off so well that most people never noticed her dress had changed. 2017 was also the year that Nicole’s clap grabbed the crowd’s attention. It certainly was all eyes on Nicole!

Emma Stone

Emma Stone was one of the celebrities to watch out for at the 2015 Oscars. Her movie ‘Birdman’ saw the actress up for a host of awards, including Best Supporting Actress. To top it off, it wasn’t long before many thought that Emma’s gown was the most impressive of the night. The gown was designed by Elie Saab and came complete with a slit all the way up the front.

Sadly, Emma grabbed her dress to make sure that she didn’t tip at one point and accidentally pulled it above her waist – showing a bit too much to the cameras. It seems that Emma took it all in her stride or had no idea that she’d made a mistake. We may never know.

Helen Mirren

If there’s one person who knows how to fall in style, it’s Helen Mirren. The star was one of many on the guestlist at 2015’s Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale and turned all the heads in her emerald green designer gown. That was until she got to the stairs. It turns out that Dolce and Gabbana didn’t take their dress, high heels, and stairs into account when they designed the look.

It appears that Helen’s dress was a little too long as she got all tangled and took an elegant tumble to the ground. Of course, the legend that is Helen Mirren shook it off with ease and even shook her finger jokingly at the photographers who caught the moment on camera.

Elsa Hosk

Being one of the top Victoria’s Secret Angels means that Elsa Hosk is used to spending plenty of time in front of the cameras. However, nothing prepared the model for her trip to the Venice Film Festival in 2019. Elsa was busy posing for some shots when she noticed her earring had come undone and fallen to the ground.

Amazingly, nothing phased the star. Rather than getting someone else to fetch her jewelry or leaving it on the ground, the model proved that she knows how to work high heels and grabbed the earring herself. As if that wasn’t impressive enough already, Elsa managed to pull it all off without creating another red carpet wardrobe mishap. She truly is a legend.

Blanco Blanco

Actress Blanco Blanco had spent many years on the “Worst Dressed” list and wanted that to change in 2017. She planned to wear a gown that would capture everyone’s attention for all the right reasons. The dress was complete with giant shoulder pieces and a hip-high slit up the side. Little did Blanco know that the rip went a little too high.

Thankfully, she was wearing a bodysuit underneath, but it was the same color as her skin, and many people thought that she had skipped out on underwear for the night. Apparently, Blanco only learned about the mistake when her friends started to message her throughout the awards ceremony. That’s certainly one way to find out you’re accidentally the talk of the red carpet.

Jenny McCarthy

It comes to something when the designer of your dress calls you out on your wardrobe malfunction. Jenny McCarthy was invited to the Academy Awards back in 1997, where she arrived in a Valentino gown. The dress came complete with a floral pattern down the side and a tight neck. Everything about the look screamed the 1990s, but Valentino wasn’t impressed.

The star told Us Weekly that she loved the look, but it was tight around her chest and was a little uncomfortable. Jenny later ran into Valentino at the Oscars, who had some news for the star. It turned out that she had been wearing the gown backward the entire time. We’re sure that conversation was a little embarrassing.

Jennifer Lopez

Getting to present an award at the Oscars is a tremendous honor for most celebrities. Jennifer Lopez was one of the few asked to partake in the ceremony back in 2012. She appeared alongside Cameron Diaz on stage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the award or the nominations that had people talking.

It was the fact that J-Lo’s dress seemed to be coming apart in the middle and showing off more of her chest than they ever thought they’d see. J-Lo’s stylist was quick to speak up and put any rumors to rest. They said that the gown had been custom-made, and there was no way that it would come apart. Apparently, the parts that the audience thought they saw were actually just a shadow.

Rachel Wilde

British actress Rachel Wilde is best known for her time in ‘Eastenders.’ She arrived at the National Television Awards in 2014, where she showed off her maroon silk gown. So what was the purple addition that so many people saw? That was her underwear. Yes, it turned out the split down the middle of the dress might not have been such a great idea after all.

As if that wasn’t enough already, Rachel had no idea that so much of her was on show, so she continued to walk up and down the red carpet, posing for photos along the way. While most celebrities want to stand out, it’s usually for the right reasons and not a red carpet wardrobe malfunction.

Behati Prinsloo

Sometimes, we need nothing more than someone by our side to make sure we don’t have any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions – especially when we’re standing in front of the rest of the world. That was the case for Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo as she posed for pictures with her husband, musician Adam Levine.

The pair were at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2015. They were enjoying all the attention until Adam spotted that Behati’s gown had moved a little. Rather than try to turn his wife away or make it obvious, he stuck his arm out in front of Behati until she managed to pull her gown up and hide anything that may or may not have been on show behind her husband’s arm.

Katy Perry

Let’s face it; Katy Perry has been one of the most fashionable stars in Hollywood for the last few years. Her evolving look always seems to be one step ahead of the fashions. That was until she appeared at the Oscars in 2017. The star took to the red carpet in a Jean Paul Gaultier gown and stole the show.

However, as Katy leaned over to watch the Oscars ceremony on a screen with James Corden, the top and bottom half of her dress completely split. The worst part? It appeared that Katy had no idea! Thankfully, her wardrobe malfunction was soon lost amongst the rest of the ceremony as people were more focused on the fact that ‘La La Land’ was accidentally named as one of the winners.

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis was once dating one of the biggest stars in Hollywood: George Clooney. The couple were together for two years before they went their separate ways. It was George’s helping hand that saved Elisabetta from suffering a much worse wardrobe malfunction at the 2010 Academy Awards. Elisabetta was so worried about something happening to her hair that she brought along stylist Jonathan Antin for the night.

However, it was her dress that started to go wrong. It split all the way down before George and Elisabetta even made it to the red carpet. While Elisabetta was apparently panicking, George grabbed some thread and a needle and got to work. That’s right; the actor sewed the zipper back in place before anyone noticed.

Virginie Efira

Although we guess that actress Virginie Efira knows how to tie her own shoes by now, she needed a little help when she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. She was walking up the steps when the laces on one of her high heels came undone. The actress was busy laughing and trying to sort it out when her boyfriend swooped in to save the day.

Niels Schneider was Virginie’s knight in shining armor as the actress smiled for the cameras. Thankfully, the duo managed to get things under control before continuing with the rest of the night. Virginie and Niels couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they were later snapped enjoying a kiss on the red carpet.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner arrived at the red carpet to enjoy the premiere of her movie ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ when it looked as though she was about to get a taste of what that felt life. The actress posed in her Valentino dress when a gust of wind blew half of it to one side. There was no hiding the Spanx that Jennifer was wearing underneath.

Thankfully, the actress handled the incident like a real pro as she laughed it off and went on to give plenty of interviews throughout the night. Coincidentally, Jennifer was asked how she would handle a wardrobe malfunction a few months before. The actress replied that she would grab her chest and laugh. She was half right!

Ariana Grande

Let’s face it; many of us have dreamed about having our own Marilyn Monroe moment, but preferably, it would happen when we expected it. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Ariana Grande as the singer appeared at the Teen Choice Awards in 2012. Ariana arrived at the event in a short dress puffed out with plenty of net lining.

The problem? It was pretty windy on the night, and Ariana was left battling her outfit. The singer grabbed the bottom of her gown and laughed as she tried to keep it down. This resulted in plenty of comical photos of Ariana as she struggled to keep everything under control. If anyone could find the funny side, it’s Ariana Grande.

Guiliana Ranic

It’s not just our favorite stars that take to the red carpet at the Oscars. They are also joined by a ton of presenters, all hoping to get the best interview of the night. Guiliana Ranic is one of the many that has covered the event time and time again. 2014 was no exception. Guiliana was enjoying the night as she raved about her princess-style gown.

Apparently, it was made by an up-and-coming Australian designer, and Guiliana wanted to make sure that it got the airtime she felt it deserved. That was until the zipper suddenly broke. Co-host Ryan Seacrest jumped to her aid and tried to tape it back together. In the end, the team had to pull the seam together and soldier on with the live show.

Judy Greer

Back in 2012, actress Judy Greer arrived at the Oscars. She was there to support her movie ‘The Descendants’ that was up for a host of awards. Unfortunately, the party was over before Judy even got the chance to start. The actress was wearing a gown designed by Monique Lhuillier that had been specially altered to Judy’s exact measurements.

However, as soon as Judy set foot on the red carpet, someone accidentally stood on the hem of the dress. Beads along the front of the dress quickly started to scatter across the floor. Although Judy’s assistant had a small sewing kit in her purse, the pair were trampled by others as they couldn’t move. Judy later confessed that she couldn’t hold herself together for interviews.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is one of the latest stars to burst onto the scene in Hollywood. She was up for a People’s Choice Award in 2016 and was lucky enough to take home the prize. However, as Dakota took to the stage, something unfortunate happened. The actress confessed that she hadn’t seen actress Leslie Mann in a while, so she went in for a hug.

As Leslie pulled away, Dakota quickly realized that the embrace had broken her dress. She tried to hold herself together and make light of the situation, but Dakota was forced to stand on stage and accept her award as her dress was falling apart. Thankfully, the others stepped in to try and keep Dakota’s top in one piece so that she could enjoy the moment.


Dominating the music charts, taking the big screen by storm, creating her own clothing line – is there anything that Rihanna can’t do? The star has been on a musical hiatus for the last few years, but that hasn’t stopped her from appearing at some of the biggest events across the world and working hard on her fashion line.

Perhaps that’s how Rihanna is usually one of the lucky few that get invited to the Met Gala? The 2014 event was in honor of Charles James, and Rihanna enjoyed the night before heading to the after-party. While the backless dress seemed like the best choice for the night, the drop went further down than anticipated, meaning that Rihanna was left baring all.

Chloe Grace Mortez

Dating the son of a fashionista is never easy, especially when the mom in question is none other than Victoria Beckham. Chloe Moretz was linked to Brooklyn Beckham back in 2016. She arrived to ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ where she spoke about their relationship. The actress decided to stop and greet some of her fans before she headed onto the show.

Did no one check the back of her outfit before she stepped out for the night? Apparently not, as Chloe’s top was quickly coming apart at the seams. It looked as though Chloe had a sewing kit to hand as the youngster went on to wear the outfit live on TV with no rips in sight.

Anne Hathaway

When we think of Anne Hathaway and the Oscars, most of us probably think about the time the actress hosted the ceremony with James Franco – a performance that went down as one of the most awkward awards ceremonies of all time. However, Anne was back in the headlines when she arrived at the Academy Awards in 2013 for her part in ‘Les Miserables.’

She took to the red carpet in a Prada dress that helped Anne stand out from the crowd. Sadly, many people thought that the seams across Anne’s chest made it look like something else was on show. While it might not have been the coverage that Anne was hoping for from the night, she did take home the award for Best Actress.

Olivia Munn

Sometimes, we all need to take a deep breath to calm ourselves before stepping out on the stage. Sadly, Olivia Munn must have breathed in a little too far as she managed to pop the zipper on her dress as she was on the way to the Oscars back in 2013. The actress wasn’t left with much of a choice as she had to be sewn into her dress for the night.

Thankfully, the gown seemed to hold up as the actress posed for photos. Amazingly, that’s not the only time that Olivia has been sewn into her outfit. The actress arrived at the Met Gala in 2018 and later confessed that she had to be sewn into the look to make sure that nothing ripped open.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie has been able to achieve incredible things throughout her time in Hollywood. Now, she can add having a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet to her list of achievements. The actress arrived at the premiere of ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ in 2016 when her dress suddenly decided that it was going to unzip itself.

Thankfully for Margot, she had the best of the best on hand to help save her from a major wardrobe slip. Tarzan, or Alexander Skarsgård as he is known in real life, ran over to help his co-star back into her dress. Margot merely laughed it off as she smiled to the crowd throughout the event. It wasn’t long before the pair could get back to their photos and forget the incident.

Rumer Willis

There are standard wardrobe malfunctions, and then there are ones that somehow go unnoticed until it’s too late. Rumer Willis rose to fame in ‘90210’ and has been at some of the most prominent ceremonies in Hollywood ever since. The actress arrived at the Elle Women In Music event in 2014 and posed for photos on the red carpet.

She had chosen a two-piece for the night that came with a skirt that featured large holes in the side. Sadly, as Rumer posed for snaps, people could see straight in the side of the holes. Yes, that is her bright pink underwear on show. In 2019, Rumer was back in the headlines as her dress for Elton John’s Oscar party turned out to be completely sheer in the back.

Chrissy Teigen

Wearing a backless dress with rib-high splits along the side sure is one way to make sure that you stand out on the red carpet. While it’s not something that all of us would choose, model Chrissy Teigen debuted the look in 2016. Chrissy arrived at the American Music Awards to support her husband, John Legend.

The dress was always going to be a worry as the side was held together with nothing more than a couple of safety pins. As Chrissy was posing for photos, she forgot to make sure that everything was in place and ended up revealing a little too much to the cameras. Chrissy was spotted looking a lot more comfortable from the safety of her seat.

Jennifer Lawrence

At this point, we’re starting to think that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most accident-prone people in Hollywood – especially when it comes to awards ceremonies. One of her memorable wardrobe malfunctions happened in 2011 when the actress appeared at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Jen wowed the paps with her hot-pink gown, but the dress soon turned into a minor disaster.

The actress was wearing towering stilettos at the time, and one of the heels got stuck in her dress. You know when you see a tortoise stuck on its back, and it just can’t make it back up? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Thankfully, someone eventually ran to Jen’s aid as she balanced on his shoulder while he freed her shoe.

Charlize Theron

If you’re worried about having a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet, then you might want to make sure that you have Julianne Moore by your side. The actress was on hand to help Charlize Theron out of a tight spot back in 2000. The pair were both at the Academy Awards, where Charlize spent the night showing off her tangerine gown.

However, when the actress arrived at the after-party, someone accidentally stood on the hem of her dress. It ended up ripping a hole across the back and revealing too much. Charlize said that Julianne was right there with a safety pin to help. Thankfully, the gap was pinned back together, and no one ever noticed the accident.

Kristen Stewart

We’re not sure we can say we’ve ever seen anyone walk the red carpet in no shoes, but Kristen Stewart was there to change that in 2018. The actress appeared at the Cannes Red Carpet, where she quickly decided she’d made a mistake with her outfit. While her gown was on point, Kristen’s shoes were causing too many problems.

They were only Louboutins that probably cost thousands of dollars. Apparently, Kristen thought they were too painful for the red carpet, so she stopped right in front of the cameras and slipped them off. The paps were posed and ready as they captured the moment Kristen made history as she walked up the stairs with her high heels dangling by her side.

Liza Minelli

Some stars know how to turn heads on the red carpet. It looked as though Liza Minelli was ready to show the world how to do it back in 2014 as the actress and singer arrived at the Oscars in an electric blue matching two-piece. As if that wasn’t enough, Liza even matched a colored stripe in her hair to the look.

While many were captivated by the look, others couldn’t help but notice that Liza had skipped out on underwear. Sadly, it wasn’t long before many spotted that you could see her under shields through the top. Apparently, Liza was hoping that she’d stand out from the crowd with the look. She just never realized that it would be for all the wrong reasons instead.

Marion Cotillard

If there is one thing that many of us love, it’s looking out for wardrobe mishaps at red carpet events. Cannes has seen its fair share of issues over the years, and 2018 marked the year that Marion Cotillard joined the list. The French actress wowed everyone as she stepped onto the red carpet in a monochrome jumpsuit. The outfit was complete with giant earrings.

That was until one came loose and fell to the ground. Although Marion noticed the jewelry’s escape, she struggled to get it back. It appears the jumpsuit was a little tighter than anyone realized. Cue a few awkward minutes of Marion trying to bend into all kinds of positions to get it back while leaning on everyone else for support.

Jade Thirwall

Little Mix have arguably grown to become one of the most prominent girl groups on the planet. However, that doesn’t mean they are always safe from wardrobe malfunctions. Jade Thirwall appeared alongside the rest of the girls at the Brit Awards in 2017, wearing a slinky dress to mark the occasion. Perhaps you wonder if that material is slippery?

It turns out the answer is yes. The singer spent more time trying to get her gown back in the right position than she did enjoying herself as it kept slipping in all kinds of directions. In the end, Jade was forced to cover herself with her hands and exit stage right – hopefully, to find some kind of tape or a large jacket.

Oprah Winfrey

Believe it or not, but it turns out that even Oprah Winfrey had a red carpet wardrobe malfunction back in 1986. The star was up for an Oscar thanks to her role in ‘The Color Purple.’ However, she never tried on her dress before the event. Apparently, she used a dressmaker who was used to working with the likes of Dolly Parton.

He took the dress to make some alterations and returned it before the ceremony. It wasn’t until Oprah went to get dressed that she realized it didn’t fit. She ended up having to get help from her hairdresser as she squeezed into the gown. Oprah even had to lay down in the limo and hoped she didn’t win just so that she didn’t have to move.